Posted by: kathandroger | October 29, 2017

26 on the 26th.

Our season ended a couple of weeks ago with some fairly average weather. Since then we have been blessed with soaring temperatures and windless conditions. Lovely. On the 26th of October in was 26 degrees in our courtyard, enough to thoroughly dry the squash and to sit outside for lunch in the shade-the sun was too hot!IMG_0997It is difficult to know what to do when the weather is hot. Fishing seemed a good idea, not because I catch much, but because the river is so pretty at this time of the year, and anyway the dog had not been in the two man canoe as yet. She seems to be scared of nothing, so I reckoned a little paddle up and down the river would be no problem. She loves the water now, but only when she is not out of her depth. Lugging the boat to the river edge was a game, but once on the water my new passenger seemed to enjoy the experience.IMG_0048The problems of balance in a narrow craft had not entered her head though, and leaning over the side to put a paw in the water was met with fierce commands of “sit down”-not always obeyed. I did a bit of fishing as well, casting a lure for the pike and perch in the margins. She could not understand this little fish like thing that kept arriving at the boat only to be chucked out again, and thought it all a bit silly. I guess she was right, and we both settled down to enjoy the trip.IMG_0051We are so lucky to have this lovely river so close to us, and there are lots of fish in it. I stopped at a bridge on the recent club bikeride to see literally thousands of fish, all about a foot in length shoaling together and making their way effortlessly upstream. After humping the kayak back up to the car a charming couple who are refurbishing a bankside house invited me to see the fruits of their labours and to have a cup of coffee with them. Nice place, nice people.

But the dog is not the only clever animal we have. Moins Dix, the goat, had been noting how the dog has progressed in her training, and wanted to show some of his own tricks. After some several hours of coaching he can now stand on three legs when commanded. and we hope he will soon be doing handstands.IMG_0999

The tomatoes and peppers have all been pulled up from the garden now, and the remaining bean plants fed to the sheep. The soil is still very dry with the lack of rain and so I attempted to overcome my previous failed attempts at ploughing the land. IMG_3858The single furrow machine has always been too difficult to control, throwing me about like a can on a car exhaust, but I was not going to let it beat me.IMG_3859 OK, the furrows are not as straight as a dye, but the soil is turned over and it has saved an awful lot of digging. I will leave the frost to kill the weeds and rotivate in the springtime. Good job done!


  1. It was nice today, out of the wind!! The weather is lovely… but we do need the rain, and NOT all at once…
    a couple of weeks of steady, gentle rain that will go deep into the soil and not downpours that wash all the dirt into the rivers… our millstream has just about recovered it’s greenery… and the kingfisher is regularly beating up and down!

    Your furrows are a darned sight straighter than any I got here… but you haven’t any boulders… well, that’s my excuse. And I’m sticking with it….

    Other news… the Newton “tadpole” trike has arrived!!

  2. Great news about the trike. Hope to see you on it in St Remy soon! Would love to come and se the machine anyway. Now how about some more blogging from you? All the Best, Roger.

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