Posted by: kathandroger | October 22, 2017

Mist, Maggots, Dog and Smells.

The weather has been particularly beautiful this past week. Our gentle journey into Autumn has been soothed by soft misty and moist mornings then increasing warmth and sunshine during the day.IMG_3849This is the view from our bedroom window; normally the hills in the distance are very clear to see, but the shrouding mist has hidden them for several days. It is a lovely time to walk the dog with the sun just coming up and banishing the gloom for another day. The walks have been somewhat damp, and both of us come back needing a good toweling down, but only the dog gets one. Speaking of whom, she has now discovered the wheelbarrow and it is difficult to use the thing without the animal jumping in for a ride!IMG_3853She has also taken to the quad bike and will no doubt be driving it on her own soon!

The kitchen has been cursed by the smell of rotting flesh for the past couple of weeks. It seemed to be coming from the extractor vent above the cooker, where the birds had nested in the summer. The stench was horrible, and Kath was convinced another corpse was responsible. Dismantling the thing is an awkward job, and I was not pleased to find that the duct was as clean as a whistle, and much cussing was done with the reassembly. Strangely the smells seem to come from differing parts of the room, and a systematic removal of cupboards and bumbling about in various areas high and low did not explain the cause. Turning things over in my mind one night I realised that the vent pipe from our septic tank had been covered by the Boston Ivy growing up the house; the smells could be coming from the hole I had made in the drain pipe in the kitchen in order to unblock the sink channel. IMG_3851 Out with the long ladder again and after cutting down a hundredweight of foliage things were no better! We reckon something must have died in the space above the ceiling and that the odours have been falling from above through the lighting holes. It seems to be getting a bit better now so the corpse must be desiccating nicely!

My wife is very good about most repugnant things. Except rats, worms and maggots. We have been getting all the outside equipment dried and stored this past week, and among the games was the giant outside chess set. This was a cheap purchase which was too light, in that the pieces tended to fall off the board in the slightest breeze. To counter the problem we had weighted the chessmen through a hole in the base. Kath decided to empty the pieces to clean them properly, but soon came trembling and asking for assistance as she could go no further; they had become full of maggots, and she just could not look at them without retching. Summoned from the ladder, in helpful mood, I thought it a bit strange, but any maggots would be useful for fishing trips. Close inspection however revealed an error of identification. The maggots had not changed into flies, were not moving, and each seemed strangely smooth. IMG_3854We then remembered that we had weighted some of the chessmen with old rice!

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