Posted by: kathandroger | September 24, 2017

The pleasure of plants, particularly petunias.

Nature never ceases to amaze me. We had a late frost which killed nearly all our fruit and took all the buds off the flowers. The two fig trees in particular, which were laden with germinating buds, seemed almost dead, and one old cherry tree did actually pop its clogs and is due for felling when I can summon the energy. But the campsis which had all the new buds nipped has flowered all summer and is still blooming like a good’un. Somebody bought us a pot plant last year which we managed to nearly kill off through lack of attention, but rather than throw the thing out, I put the one remaining shoot in another pot with a little soil from the greenhouse and left it uncared for all winter. To our surprise it began shooting and even flowering again in spring.IMG_3841But in the same pot a little bud appeared, looking like a courgette plant-it must have been in the compost I added. Our own courgette and squash plants were already planted and doing well, but I shoved the thing in the ground where the early spuds had been dug, thinking it may turn into something worthwhile. It was!IMG_3840 (2)All this is the one plant, and it has already produced at least six large unusual looking squash, in between our Crown Prince and the Potimarron, and a strange yellowish colour. We will assess the taste in due course.

I am not so keen on the ordinary garden flowers, but we like to keep the place looking pretty for our guests. Kath always grows some petunias from seed, and has much more patience pricking the little things out than I would have. They always do well here and flower all summer long. But the ones that seem to do best are those that spring up of their own accord. Without watering and with literally no care, they adorn the courtyard all summer long.IMG_3842They enhance the old winnowing machine and have even produced a matching colour! The only problem with having so many blooms is that they need watering-over an hour to do them all, and with the dry and warm weather of the last few days I must go and get the hose out. But it is a small price to pay for all that colour so stop whingeing and get on with it!

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