Posted by: kathandroger | September 17, 2017

The Boys’ Reunion

I have just got back from London after a couple of days with the boys. The word “boys” is used loosely in this context, as we won a football cup together almost fifty years ago whilst we were at University.

Scan_20170917Of interest is that the chap next to me on the top right of the picture is the only one who has more hair now than he had then! Some of us had not seen each other at all since those epic days, and the first problem was recognizing each other! Introductions made, after a fairly fluid pub lunch we made our way to a local sports centre to play a game of “walking football”, a newish invention which enables old codgers like us to pretend we can still play the game at our advanced ages. The problem is that the brain is willing but the body refuses to obey commands from above, and to see this parade of formerly fit and athletic young men shuffle about on astroturf was very funny but quite embarrassing. Anyway we could still shout and abuse each other verbally in a manner quite unchanged from former days, and it really was tremendous fun. Apart from some minor pulls of the withering muscles, all ended well, and smiles were managed after an hour or so of very strenuous activity.IMG_2839The absent team members had a variety of excuses, from playing golf instead, to having to work!-nobody should have to work at our age.

Anyway, the cup itself is a magical object which was brought to the celebration from its present home in one of the London Hospitals. It is allegedly the oldest footy cup know, dating form the 1870’s and is worth many thousands of pounds, slightly more than the team, including the three professors amongst us, is worth.

cupTo celebrate the final evening it had to be at Rules’, the oldest restaurant in London, and then each wended its staggering path home to various parts of the home counties and beyond; three of us had come from overseas, Canada, Australia and France.

IMG_2854It is a wonderful sensation to meet up with old friends, and marvel at the fact that although we may have physically changed the same ambiance persists completely unchanged. It gave me an inner warmth that will hopefully compensate for the coming winter chills. Thanks to my chums for organizing a wonderful weekend.


  1. Isn’t it lovely to meet up with old friends and find one can almost just take up the threads where one left off, however many years ago? We recently had a holiday visiting various friends, some not seen for over 15 years, and it was as though we had seen them only yesterday! A real blessing, having friends like that.

    • It is even better after almost 50 years!-and the relationships stay just the same.

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