Posted by: kathandroger | July 23, 2017

Barns, the Play and Fossils.

We have nearly bought the old barn facing our house. It used to be used for farming purposes before our now deceased neighbour Francis filled it with old wrecked cars and assorted rubbish. It took months to remove all the bits and pieces, and now it is taking months for the legal processes to take place. This is France after all! However, we are about to start on the repairs and renovations to make it look a bit more respectable. Rain has got in and rotted a few timbers, but nothing that a bit of Roger Bodging won’t put right.IMG_3799I am glad that most of the other timbers are in good order, as there are quite a few of them.IMG_3798Meanwhile the dog has been taking things easy, especially when the temperature was in the mid thirties last week. It’s a dog’s life!IMG_3800

We live in an undulating area, but it was all underwater eons ago. So it is not unusual to stumble across the odd fossil on our walks. I have very little knowledge of fossils, but they are fascinating things and now I have difficulty in looking straight ahead rather than at the stones in the fields. I have picked up dozens, but here is a sample.IMG_3801A couple of sponges and a big shell. They are often seen incorporated into the local buildings.

Sadly we will not be performing any more in our Theatrical Group. We enjoyed doing five performances of our play in the local villages, but internal wrangles elevated to verbal fisticuffs between Madam President and Monsieur Secretary.  What a pity after a year of fun in rehearsals and so many comic moments; we has at least another four performances planned, and my part of a Spanish brothel owner was nearing perfection, at least in my eyes. Why did everyone laugh when I spoke? As the only non French member of the group it did my understanding of the language a lot of good, and latterly my fellow actors even seemed to understand what I was trying to say to them. How do friends lose the amicability that has endured for so many years, especially over trifling disagreements? As is common, the dispute led to sides being formed and battle lines drawn and there was to be no reconciliation. For me, it all seemed a bit silly and trivial, and a big price to pay for all the effort put in over so many months. I have remained neutral, but both parties are forming their own Theatre groups and I don’t want to choose one over the other so have retired from my acting career. It was short and unremarkable, but did give a good insight into the pleasures of performing, and I shall remember only the good times we had together. Thank you my French friends, for all the laughs we had together.



  1. One of my top tips for integrating into a community is to join local associations — with the exception of am dram clubs.

    According to a winemaker I visit regularly, the shells like you have above are oysters.

    • The am dram was a great experience, it is good to see the best and the worse of any club!

  2. Nearly every club or association I have been a member of has suffered from petty politics and fallings out, it’s more or less obligatory.
    If you want to keep your friends, never go on holiday or join a theatre club with them!

    • Thanks Jean, but I am happy to say that they all remain my friends-I remain the strange Anglais who didn’t understand everything but got on well with everyone!

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