Posted by: kathandroger | July 9, 2017

Recent flowers and old junk.

The last month has been hot and dry. Too hot for me, as anything above 30 degrees seems to initiate a state of lethargy which is hard to repel. Even my new batch of home brewed beer is only of marginal help, but the freezer kept elderflower cordial is a bit more efficacious. It has been necessary to wallow in the swimming pool just to keep cool. Life here is hard.

But jobs still need to be done. The gate between one garden and our field was battered by a bored goat some time ago, and despite multiple repairs it was falling to bits. The thought of Moins Dix and his sheep flock friends munching all our garden vegetables was enough stimulus to make a new one. It is on a slope and had to be self closing, and I didn’t have any suitable timber in the wood store. There was an old oak ladder in the barn which was dangerous to use because of the thin rungs, so after bashing it apart, cutting it carefully to size and making joints with some thick doweling the new gate now sits proudly in the old fencing.IMG_3788 (2)It should see me out!

I have been begging for old metal to do some more sculpture. Friend Paul donated an old oil tank which weighed a ton and I could not move by myself. Luckily we had some very robust and willing guests staying with us and they moved it to outside the workshop.IMG_3775Like so many tasks in life, I had no idea how to cut the thing up, but was under orders to get the ugly thing out of the way as soon as possible. Old oil tanks contain old oil. Some of it is very thick and will not drain away, but still remains inflammable. It was probably not a very good idea to use my plasma cutter, which works at very very high temperature. Within moments the tank was ablaze, and thoughts of calling the Pompiers flew through my mind. Luckily the water hose was at hand and the flaming inferno controlled. After cutting one end out the very pleasant task of removing the residue took ages and I had filthy old heating oil in every crevice imaginable. But the task is now completed and I have enough metal to build a battleship. No more donations are needed thankyou.

The sunflowers are just coming out locally. The big field behind us is going to be magnificent in a week or two, and Polly and I strolled between the huge plants this morning. There is something wonderful about being looked at by hundreds and hundreds of flowerheads all pointing in the same direction, and the few drops of rain today on the large leaves made a sound like gentle applause all around us. Not for us of course, but for the wonder of nature. It was a lovely moment.

And our lilies in the corner of the courtyard are at their best now. With Trumpet Vine and the sweet peas the colours should clash. But nature never has clashing colours. Why is that?IMG_0844The constant watering needed over the past few weeks has been worth the effort. And the well hasn’t run dry yet!

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