Posted by: kathandroger | June 16, 2017

Bread Run, Boules and Boudie.

We live about five or six kilometres from the nearest bakery. They deliver bread and ordered croissants daily, but don’t arrive until mid morning. Some of our guest either take the car for an early supply, or like last week make the journey on two wheels. Alex, Rosie and the children Edith and Oscar, all fitted onto their lovely adapted Helios tandem, and parents Sarah and Stuart borrowed a couple of our bikes.IMG_3759They were early risers too, and made good use of the wonderful weather we’ve had recently.

The barn over the road is awaiting renovation after we have finally managed to buy it. It is very useful for parking cars under cover, but last week the cars were relegated to outside parking so that the beaten earth floor could be used for intensive physical challenges. Ed, Rocky and John adapted to the uneven surface like locals, and judging from the noise the tournaments were played with some venom. The Mazieres Boulodrome is now open!IMG_3767

We still have the ashes from our old dog Boudie. They are supposed to be scattered at the top of our land, but we have not yet had the mood to do it. I have made her a little memorial from bits and pieces in the workshop.IMG_3762We shall have some friends round and drink a few glasses for the old girl.

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