Posted by: kathandroger | June 11, 2017

Two corpses and one happy dog.

The birds are still nesting and raising their young, but the family of tits who made their home in our extractor for the cooker have now flown. It happened last year as well, and as we can hear the tweeting of the chicks we don’t use the fan until all is quiet. Polly the puppy is also relieved as she could hear all the noise but could not work out where it came from, and used to run around in circles barking at the squeaks and squawks. The problems arose when Kath turned on the fan and there was a grinding sound but no extraction. I fetched the ladder and extracted load of moss and nesting material from the outside vent and prevented the birds from re-entering with some chicken wire, but the block was obviously closer to the fan. IMG_3763After some cussing and dismantling of the hood the problem became clear-one Kamikaze chick! Poor little thing must have chosen the wrong way to exit the extractor.IMG_3764 (2)All is back together now and we are no longer suffering cooking fumes in the kitchen. Please find a new nesting site next year!

I had recently cut the walk to our top field and the summerhouse. It was looking very spic and span and I took the dog up to admire my mowing skills, when she raced on ahead to a stationary bundle of fur. IMG_3766We do see many more hares than rabbits around us, but why this one had succumbed I have no idea. There were no signs of injury and it seemed well nourished and heavy. I did not have the kit to perform a full post mortem examination, so chucked into the nettles away from the dog. I guess hares drop dead just as we do, but it was sad to see such a lovely animal no longer romping around the countryside.

Our last Airedale, Boudie, was a lovely animal but a complete wimp. Anything noisy and she would run a mile away, especially my little old car. Admittedly it does make lots of noise and emits lots of fumes from the exhaust, but I love it and it was a great disappointment to me that she did not come with me in the passenger seat like my Boxers did in the UK. And so it was a joyful occasion when Polly joined me and loved it! IMG_3774She has her own custom made seat belt which fits around her waist and is attached to the handbrake, and loves to hang her head out of the side of the car to feel the wind in her whiskers. Well done Polly, at last a girl who likes my car!

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