Posted by: kathandroger | April 30, 2017

Treading the Boards and a Poorly Polly.

I have never done any real acting. Compering the college review and a few words in our Ethni-Cite village play here was all I had done. So when one of our French friends asked me to join her newly formed group locally I was more than surprised. Being the only English person was a challenge, with my stumbling language skills, but the other eight members of the troupe were very kind and understanding, even suppressing their giggles at my pronunciation in rehearsals. We began learning our roles over a year ago, and multiple rehearsals, often in the freezing cold of mid winter, were a mixed experience of inadequacy and frustration at forgetting my lines. Our play is a comedy (it couldn’t have been anything other!), and revolves around misunderstandings and double meanings. We have performed several times so far, and look forward to several more in the Autumn.Scan_20170110

I can now understand the attraction of performing a play. It is very much a team game and needs repeated practice. A bond is formed with the other players, and we had so many laughs amongst ourselves that it was often difficult to carry on with rehearsals. All the sets were built by the troupe, and the costumes adjusted by mutual advice to remain just on the right side of ridiculous. And after so many months the first night is quite a challenge, nerves have to be controlled and timing has to be adjusted to fit in with the hoped for mirth of the audience. So far so good. The performances have been well received and we have visited several of the surrounding villages. I now know my lines and the prompters are used less and less. It has been a lovely experience but I am not sure if I will do another play after this. It is a bit like running the marathon; lots of training and a great experience but for me something to look back on with enjoyment rather than wanting to do it all again. Just for the record, I play a Spanish Brothel keeper in a Paris Club; now how was I selected for that role?

Our new puppy Polly has been poorly. She had settled in really well again after our recent holiday, but yesterday we knew something was wrong. She yelped on waking up, would not eat her food and was generally miserable. Being a typical five month old dog she eats and chews anything, from our shoes to the sheeps’ poo in the field, and we had recently been using some chemicals for weed control and to try to deter the visiting badger, so we were worried. Her breathing was OK, her belly seemed soft and her wees and poos seemed normal. It was only  when we touched her mouth that she seemed distressed, and we wondered whether she had something lodged in her teeth. There was no way we could hold her mouth open however, so we decided to see the vet as an urgency. Typically it was Bank Holiday and our vet was away, but it was easy to get an appointment in our local town of Chatellerault. A very nice young lady vet agreed with our diagnosis of probable tooth pain, as puppies lose their first teeth at between five and seven months, but she was unable to prise the jaws apart. Polly was given an injection of a long acting morphine and some anti inflammatories and we came home slightly more happy. The poor little thing was still distressed, and drugged as well, and could only stand and sway looking half asleep and still in pain. She did manage some chicken soup that Kath made specially for her so we went to bed feeling less unhappy. And today! After the morphine had worn off she was back to normal-jumping on the forbidden sofa and trying to eat off the table. I didn’t realise how close we had become to our new dog until she was ill. I must take the little bugger off for a walk now to try and get rid of some of that energy!IMG_3731


  1. I would be looking for any sign of processionary caterpillars if the pain is around the mouth/nose area.

  2. Thanks Susan; lots of those funny webs in the conifers up the road, but all is well with the little pup now-wish I had as much energy1

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