Posted by: kathandroger | April 16, 2017

Bye bye Boudie.

IMG_0224Our lovely old Airedale terrier died a few days ago. She had become weak and sleepy over the past months, although she remained clean and always keen on her food. Sadly we were away in Italy when she passed away, but she could not have had better carers than our friends Ian and Sandra. Boudie had been a large part of our lives since she was given to us eight years ago. We were not sure whether we wanted to take on the challenge of a then young and poorly contolled dog, but she proved to be the most wonderful addition to our lives. Always pleased to see us, always fun to be with, and always reluctant to obey commands before a varying period of contemplation. As a water dog she hated water, and as a fearless terrier she was scared of many things including anything noisy, and used to creep upstairs and hide under our bed during thunderstorms. She loved to chase our postladys’ car down the orchard and jump onto the wall to bark, to the extent that I had to rebuild the broken brickwork. But she had a lovely way with our other animals. She raised our cat Dennis from a few weeks old, and they would often play and sleep together, despite the fact that any other cat would be chased without mercy. She got on well with Moins Dix the goat, and would bark and run round with him trying to avoid the oncoming horn attack. After both were exhausted they would sit down together and pass the time of day. The sheep trusted Boudie absolutely, to the extent that the newborn lambs were allowed to be sniffed and examined within a short time after birth. Normally ewes are fierce protectors of their offspring, as our new puppy has learned. Even the free range chickens were her friends, and if pursued would sit down and have their bottoms sniffed before being left alone.

Boudie is the first Airedale terrier that I have experienced. We all love our dogs and breeds are perhaps less important than individual characteristics, but she was a great personality and had the invaluable ability to make us feel happier about life and to make us laugh. Dogs really do have a sense of what we are feeling sometimes; maybe that is why we talk to them rather than the cat. Almost human but without the negative emotions. Goodbye old girl, we shall never forget you.


  1. So sorry to hear this, although you have through your posts gently tried to prepare us for this day, but I doubt that you, as her closest, can ever be truely ready. For Ian and Sandra too, very difficult news to pass on to good friends. We are sure that you will both have a large Boudie sized hole in your lives. What wonderful memories you will have of lovely times with this lady. You’ve shared but a few in your tribute but your devotion to each other is clear. We only met Boudie a couple of times and she was a character; her life with you was full, and she was your treasured friend.

  2. Rest in peace Boudie. Such a lovely doggie xxx

  3. So sorry to hear about Boudie, such a lovely dog, I’m sure her spirit will live on with you and La Belardiere, sending lots of lovexx

    • Thank you. Yes, she was lovely and quite a character. We’ve got some great memories though which will always be with us!

  4. What a lovely obit for a special terrier….
    no two dogs are alike, but every now and then a critter worms its way deep into the heartstrings… Boudie was one such.
    and pass those on to Dennis, too…
    he will be missing her, too, but won’t know why!

    • Thanks Tim, and well done with the Beaver!

  5. So sorry to hear about Boudie. Sending our best wishes

    • Thanks. Seems a bit strange not having her about the place, but her time had come and she didn’t suffer. Hope all’s well at your end…no doubt getting ready for exams?! Have a good summer….

  6. Kath and Roger…Christine I and Lily Nancy and Alice were all really really sad to hear about poor Boudie, so sad, she was a wonderful old girl – we fondly remember her every evening coming for her wander around Le Potager, she’d nudge on the door, we’d let her in, she’d just have a mooch around then walk out again, almost as if she was just inspecting her patch. RIP x take care Matt x

    • Thanks Matt. Yes, she was quite a character and very much part of La Belardiere. She will be sorely missed. In the end, she just slipped away without any suffering, so hard for us but the best for her. Hope all’s well with you all, take care, Kath

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