Posted by: kathandroger | April 9, 2017

Birthday Boy in Italy.

Although it happens every year, my birthday this year was of Biblical proportion. Three score years and ten. Poor old Bugger, but all systems are still in woking mode, so celebrations were due. She has brought me to Italy. I have never been here before, but I love it. They even talk back to me when I speak French, but I don’t know what they are saying. We flew from Poitiers to Venice, over the snowy Alps which divide the countries and took some good snaps.

And what about Venice? Definitely one of the most amazing places I have seen. A huge antiquated civilisation built in an old swampy area in a lagoon next to the sea. The magnificent buildings set on alder sticks sunk into the oggin with lumps of chalk on top to act as foundations. Huge Churches and Cathederals with the most ornate dressings as a celebration and affirmation of the one time wealth of the conglomeration. And no roads, but miles of canals, so no cars but plenty of boats. Even the local builder’s van was a boat! Not a quiet place to stay, and more rotten tourists like ourselves than pigeons in the squares, but a vibrant and multicultural buzzing centre of inquisitive humanity. We ate well and loved the diversity of the thousands of small shops, but the wife didn’t want me to buy her even more jewels so I didn’t.

We have driven on in our hired softop Fiat to Lake Como, at the foot of the Alps. Northern Italy is flat, overpopulated and boring, but this place is wonderful. We have walked up a mountain today, and marvelled at the springtime flowers and butterflies, then descended to the local town to find it rammed with visitors from Milan, most of them on motorbikes. The old knees are giving me a bit of gip tonight, but it has been eased by a bottle of the local wine. We are off for 100km on the hired bikes tomorrow, over the mountains to the next lake. And I thought she would let me relax a bit at this great age!


  1. 100km on bikes in the Alps! Blimey!!

    You are quite right — the shoreline at Como is fairly ghastly. Picturesque an’ all, but full of tourists with nothing to do but shop, eat and drink. But northern Italy is not boring! You just haven’t been to the right bits.

    Happy birthday, btw 🙂

    • Thanks Susan, but I was only talking about the drive from Venice to here. We have lined up some lovely looking places and have just come back from an all day cycle around Como and over to Lugano-the lakes are very different, and the hillclimbs magnificent!

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