Posted by: kathandroger | April 3, 2017

Mo and the Planters.

Our triplets lambs, Eeenie Meeni and Myni, were born in early February and our doing well. Their mother, Rosemary, had three last year and two the year before and is well used to multiple births. She is an ugly sheep but a brilliant mother, and arranging three mouths around two teats seems to be no problem for her. We lost our other old sheep after she gave birth last year and replaced her with a swap with a neighbour for her remaining lamb. Flossie was born late last spring and was very small when she arrived and looked less than promising as a breeding ewe.IMG_3711 She was a nice sheep, however, and soon settled with the others, but showed no sign of pregnancy until the last week or so. She is next to the Moins Dix the goat, looking at Hercules the ram and Rosemary and her triplets. I took this photo last evening, and although she was “bagging up”-her udders were swelling, she showed no signs of production. She is usually the first to arrive when I feed the flock in the morning but today there was no sign of her.IMG_3718We found her at the top of the wood with Mo, who was born overnight. It is a very clean and a good sized lamb and Flossie has done a very good job. We can’t tell if Mo is male or female yet as I didn’t want to handle it so early after birth. If female it will be swapped, if male it will be eaten. I may still become a vegetarian!

Spring is a very busy time for us with the preparation of the Gites and getting the grounds in order. We bought a couple of standard roses a few days ago, to sit outside the main house entrance; we have called them Ann and Tom, after Kaths’ parents who gave her the money for her birthday.IMG_3722 (2) Ann is red and stands to the left of Tom, who is yellow, according, I am told,  to their political leanings. But the pigsty building needs a few flowers to brighten up the outside walls, and I wanted something a bit different to hold the petunias that Kath grows. The wall is not level, and I had made a couple of hypertufa pots for it last year, but wanted something a bit different. An old oil barrel had been left with the dump of metal our friend Bernard had left for me to do my sculptures, and after the bottom had been cut out it fits perfectly onto the wall. A coat of Hammerite and cleaning the brass fittings has made it look presentable.IMG_3708It will look much better covered in flowers.

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