Posted by: kathandroger | March 26, 2017


I heard the cuckoo a couple of days ago, and the swallow has arrived on the telephone wire outside our house. He seemed to stay there for a long time, and I have yet to see him fly, but I reckon he must be a bit fatigued after flying several thousand miles. I say he, but I guess it may be a strong flying girl bird, and I don’t know how to sex them from afar. This one swallow is seemingly all alone; maybe it is just a fast flyer and didn’t look behind to see if the others were following. My wife is a bit like that on the bike.

We had a lovely ride today in nearly 20 degrees of full sunshine. A couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, when all the French have disappeared. It really is quite strange, because in the morning all the cycling clubs have a outing, and the roads are littered with bicycles, but no one goes on two wheels in the afternoon. Anyway, it was a beautiful spring day, and the verges were sprinkled with the first flowers. It seems to be a very good year for the Cowslips, and several banks were festooned in countless plants, all in full flower. We have only one plant in our orchard, and I take great care not to mow it down.IMG_3705Interestingly the French call it the Cuckoo Flower, because of its association with the arrival of the bird, but our Cuckoo flower is otherwise called the Ladies Smock, and we saw lots of this lovely flower as well. The Celandines have a real buttery sheen in the sunshine, and with the much maligned dandelion are another yellow spring flower to augment our now dying daffodils.IMG_3706 But why are there so many flowers of that colour in the springtime? We will no doubt be seeing the orchids soon, which are  rarely yellow, and my favourite Wood Anenome is white. The blue flowers are also about; the brilliantly coloured Lungwort is in the woods, and the grape hyacinths are all over the banks. IMG_3707 (2)All these plants are within fifty metres of our house. How lucky are we?

And it has just occurred to me that I have blogged about nothing else but flowers and birds. How times change!

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