Posted by: kathandroger | March 19, 2017

Chickens like Cake.

The wife has had another birthday. She is now a mature woman, and amongst other pursuits teaches English to some of the local community. As a furtherance to the pupils’ progress, and as an appropriate celebration, we had lunch in a local restaurant, together with some invited English guests. The idea was to improve language skills of course, and alcohol with good food always aids conversation. Given the celebratory nature of the event, her doting husband had ordered a very ornate and large cake for the occasion, and was rather pleased with himself for his thoughtfulness. The only problem was that her students had had the same idea! We were presented with two very large gateaux at the end of the meal. Despite offerings made to the other diners and nearby office workers joining us for a slice, several kilo of cake remained. It was packed in a plastic container and presented to me by the Patron at the end of the meal, four hours later. What to do with excess cake? Neither of us is particularly fond of sweet confectionery, and the dogs would only get fat and probably vomit. Chickens are the answer. It is said that pigs will eat anything, but in my experience that is not so. When I castrated piglets many years ago, only the chickens appreciated the offerings; the pigs declined.IMG_3703The fowl looked exhausted but replete by the end of the afternoon, and we look forward to some unusually tasting eggs in the next few days.

And talking of food, Kath and I often have whelks and prawns for lunch, Bulots and Crevettes. Eaten with some fresh bread from our visiting baker and with a nice glass of wine it is a lovely lunch. I intended to take a picture of the pre-lunch feast, but only remembered after it was all eaten!IMG_3701 (2)Bulots are very cheap, and readily available in the local supermarkets; I don’t think they are eaten so often in the UK. They are quite a fiddle with the prong to pull them out of the shell, but that is part of the joy of eating them. We love food.

The old barn over the road will, we trust, soon be owned by ourselves. Like all the property left empty for three years it is in a poor state of repair, and was still adorned with a few hundredweight of assorted rubbish.IMG_3702I have spent a couple of days burning the old palettes and clearing rubbish to the local dump and we will soon be able to fill in the floor to make a large flat covered area. We will use some of it for guest parking, but a large area will remain. Kath has suggested we make it into the local Petanque championship arena, but I fear we may be overrun by the crowds attending. Time will tell.






  1. Don’t forget you will need a caravan bay as well.Hope the purchase of the barn goes through for you .

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