Posted by: kathandroger | February 5, 2017

Well done Dennis and the Lash Egg.

The wife is a stoic northerner. Rarely emotional, calm, and scared of very little. Except rats. In the early waking phase of an unremarkable morning she made her way into our boiler room whilst I was getting her breakfast. An ear bursting shriek, which I swear shook the house, signaled some sort of very major catastrophe. But what could have induced such an emotional eruption in one so controlled? It was on the floor, under a stand we use to keep the animal food. Dennis the cat often brings in dead mice and voles he has caught and hides them there. But this time it was a whopping rat, with the thick tail protruding for the suspicious spouse to discover. Her trembling form exited the room like a whirlwind, and I was exhorted to “do something”. It was very dead and very big, and just like the one I had found under the chicken house in the orchard.img_3656Dennis had killed it with a bite behind the neck and was obviously as proud of his conquest as I am of him. I doubt whether it was the rat that killed the chicken we called the turkey, but I like to think it was and that justice has been done. Interestingly, the other thing that Kath hates is worms-they look just like rats tails apparently! There’s nowt as strange as females.

After losing our two in lay chickens, we have only the old girls left, and eggs are a rarity until we buy some more layers in the spring. I check the house daily though, just in case.img_3655This is what I found a couple of days ago. It is solid, about the size of an egg, and not very attractive. It is called a Lash egg, I don’t know why, but is a result of infection of the Fallopian tubes and in effect is a ball of pus and debris which is molded to the same shape as an egg as it comes out of the same tubes. Not for eating! I am not sure which chicken produced it, and wouldn’t want to treat the animal anyway, but they all seem in good condition. In very many years of keeping fowl it is the first time I have seen it. We live and learn.

One of the lovely things about living here is that every month of the year we have been able to sit outside for lunch. After the cold snap it has now become wet, windy and mild. The courtyard is very protected, and when the sun comes out it is even comfortable in January.img_3657Yes I know she looks frozen, but it really was warm, and lets hope we have a few more like that in the next few days.


  1. But she is using the broken arm, so that’s one thing over and done with.

    • Do you know, we have both forgotten about the broken arm!

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