Posted by: kathandroger | January 11, 2017

New Dog.

Our old Airedale, Boudie, is getting older every day. So am I, but my back legs are better than hers now. She often collapses and has difficulty in getting up, especially on a slippery floor. I have to lift her into the back of the car, and on holiday recently had to carry her upstairs each evening- and 25kg of floppy dog is quite a weight! She sleeps for most of the day and all of the night. The only time she comes alive is when food is about; her appetite remains good, and she is still clean. She smells a bit of old dog, but then I guess she is entitled to, and still loves a bit of affection. So do I. What to do? The vet reckons she may well be with us this time next year, but I doubt it.img_3467-1We have been so lucky to have had her with us for the nearly eight years we have been in France, and she has been a constant delight to our guests as well. Old dogs sometimes buck up with a youngster about, but Kath says I am not allowed an au pair. So  the next best thing was to consider another canine. The Boss was keen on a Welsh Terrier, but they are a bit small for me, and I can’t stand yappy dogs. We wanted a breed that does not shed much hair, one that has lots of energy, is good with kids, and trainable. The answer was obvious really, another Airdale. They are not very common in France, but we found a breeder in the Brenne, just over an hour away, and made the journey with the inevitable result. What a lovely venue it was, an isolated farm at the end of a long track, with a huge lake facing it, and racehorses in the surrounding fields. And dozens of dogs! Airedales, Welsh Terriers, and even a few yappy things in the house. So here she isimg_3640That is her on the left! Kath reckoned that a dog would be too strong for her, and we would both like to breed (from the dog, that is) in the future, so Polly will become part of the family in April. My wife has already lined her up for agility training, and she has very high expectations for international representation in the future. I only hope the old girl is up to it; the young one will be!



  1. None of you will know what’s hit you when she takes up residence I suspect 🙂 Good luck!

  2. She’s adorable. Puppies are hard work, but worth every minute.
    Bon courage!

  3. Polly will have a lovely life with you and she will probably give Boudie a new lease of life.Have great fun. x

  4. I now have EXCEEDINGLY SEVERE withdrawl symptoms…. she is sweet!
    We do need a dog here…
    preferably two because they excercise each other…
    but one will need to be a Border Collie…
    Blanch got out of the coop/run on Wednesday at some point…
    and she spent the whole night out because we didn’t spot that…
    she made a lovely nest underneath their coop!!
    Getting her back in was an absolute pain…
    I circled their run around a dozen times before I managed to trap her by the door…
    and usher her gently in.
    I realised then that I do need a “right-hand dog”!!

    • Tim you need a fishing landing net-the easiest way to catch an errant chicken, and if you have two it is even easier! Your Border Collie will be very clever, but can you stop it from eating chickens? We look forward to watching a hen dog display!

      • My old BC was an excellent chicken handler…. never tried to eat any… same with ducks… and a batch of Indian Runners with my old friend controlling their rather erratic walk along a path was a sight to see.
        We have a fish landing net… Blanche wasn’t letting me within extended handle distance!!
        If you’ve met chicken eating BCs… they have not been trained properly…
        I could control mine with a series of whistles… not the same as the ‘pros’… but enough to make him do what I wanted when I needed to take a photograph without a hairy photobomber ruining the shot!

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