Posted by: kathandroger | November 14, 2016

Beauty in the bathroom.

Back home and into the damp and cold of the French winter. The wood burning stoves are on, the central heating oil has been replenished and the casually elegant winter vests are used daily. It seemed that yesterday we were diving into the pool to keep cool, and now we are diving into the house to warm up. The one with the broken arm has been (wo)manfully gathering piles of autumn leaves and leaving them for me to move, and the autumnal sheep slaughter has been completed. It has put me off eating lamb for another month or two, but at least the freezer is full. With decreasing muscular strength of recent years, the brain has had to be used a bit more, and I managed to process the animals by myself. Slaughter was on the slope outside the wood barn, the animal pulled down into a waiting wheelbarrow, transferred to the equipment store and then hauled up onto a hook using the quad bike and a pulley from an old bicycle trainer.img_3600Butchering went well, after a refresher course on U tube, and the task which I enjoy the least is over for another year!

But after a hard day there is nothing nicer than a hot bath and a relaxing soak. After the initial skin burning sensation, total immersion is one of the pleasures of life, and one advantage of our bath is that the water temperature can be controlled with pressure from one toe! I should have shown the other one rather than the fungal disaster here, but it works all the same; no need for moving the whole body around.img_3603I had to sneak the camera upstairs to get this shot, and the boss is rightly nervous about my ability to drop things. I have yet to be forgiven for spilling red wine onto the computer keyboard. But the other thing of beauty apart from the fungal toe is our ageing orchid we keep on the bathroom windowsill. Poor thing gets very little attention and the cat broke the last flower shoot off in the spring, but it has managed to produce a lovely set of flowers for us just when all the outside blooming is over.img_3602We seem to do well with the indoor orchids; another in the kitchen has been in bloom continuously for over three years. We do re pot now and again, and add leaf mold from the garden rather than  special orchid compost, it seems to work well.


  1. That orchid certainly is splendid. I’ve been watching mine in the top bathroom but no sign of a flower spike yet. Maybe I need to repot in the spring.

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