Posted by: kathandroger | October 29, 2016

Seasons end and Brock is back.

That’s it, all done for another year. Our last guests left last weekend, autumn is well and truly here and where did the summer go? Happily we are still having some lovely weather, and even the old jalopy was taken our for a spin in the sunshine yesterday. Not another car was seen for several kilometres; a fact that amazes our friends who had come to spend a few days with us. The home counties in the UK are a bit different! But it is a little sad to not have the guests about; I think we draw a bit on their energy and enthusiasm in out own day to day life here. We have been busy cleaning and putting away the outside equipment and chucking out all the broken kit. That meant another visit to our local rubbish dump, a trip I always enjoy as it usually turns out to be a social occasion, and if the French do one thing well it is the rubbish dumps! Sadly, I must have been too early as I was the only one there and the usually chatty attendant was in his hut! Packing into our poolside hut is always a challenge, but it went well this year after repairing the failing floor. Just as well as under the boarding is an old cesspit, and it would not be good for our Tripadvisor reviews if a well meaning guest fell in whilst looking for a cushion for the sunlounger!img_3599The gites themselves seem in good nick, and no major works need to be done over the winter, although Kath is keen to repaint some of the rooms and no doubt other minor faults will be discovered. The games area will need some attention, a new basketball area will be made , and all the gardens will need attention, and that will be more fun this year with the newly purchased garden shredder. I love these boys toys.

Brock has been back into the orchard. I thought that the urine trick had put him off, but stupidly forgot that liquids evaporate. He has dug underneath the big back iron gate again, looked for worms in the lawns, but happily not taken another chicken now that the automatic door closer is working. I have made a little reservoir with black plastic, placed against the gate, and drunk lots of beer solely for the intention of providing the deterrent liquid. It may work again, but it looks like the trip to behind the buildings to  empty the bladder may have to be repeated all through the winter. What with the badger and the moles who have thoughtfully come back to dig up the badminton area it is going to be a bit of a battle to keep the place looking good. Gives the old chap something to do I guess.


  1. We all have to make sacrifices Rog and if it means drinking beer regularly then so be it.Good luck.

    • Thanks Dennis, your many years of experience will help me with the task!

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