Posted by: kathandroger | October 24, 2016

Mog, Bug and Wall.

Cats rule the world. At least they do in our household. Not that we want it that way but the animal just assumes superiority and there is no way we have been able to convince Dennis otherwise. The dog, and even the chickens respond to loud commands, but not our feline friend. Not that he is deaf; any shout of food and he is home in a flash. And how do they manage to install themselves just where they are not wanted? If we want to use the computer he will be on the seat, and if a cupboard is left open the cat will be in it. Kath is usually a quiet and controlled lady, but her screaming at the little devil has become part of daily life. Any food left out on a work surface is fair game, and even my breakfast cereal seems to hold a fascination for the animal, who jumps onto the table and will try to have a mouthful even when I am eating! I guess he holds a grudge, remembering when I tried to castrate him many years ago. I left the sewing cupboard door open for a few moments…..img_3594Come to think of it I may well have felt the same way if someone had tried to castrate me!

I like insects but know very little about them. In France we seem to have lots I have never seen before, and yesterday this little chap hung around all day by our back door. The cat chased him a bit and the dog stood on him, but he still seemed alive when I threw him into the wisteria tree.img_3591He is called a saddle backed bush cricket (Thanks, Susan, of Loire Valley Nature), because of his lovely saddle, and apparently makes interesting noises. No amount of torture made him say anything, so I must just believe the articles that tell me the males help look after the young, and the mother does lots of singing. He is also known as the “wart biter”and has good hearing due to his ears in the front legs! Isn’t nature wonderful, and how little the average bloke like me knows about it.

We used to have a long wall around our property. We still have, but now it is called the bloody wall. No blood, mind, but just hours and hours of slinging lime mortar on to stop the thing from falling down. Isn’t it nice having an old property, people say. Yes it is, but the maintenance can be a pain in the rear end. My pain is in the right side, after days on leaning over the wheelbarrow and chucking the muck on.img_3595-2Nearly finished now, though, and I just hope that the mortar doesn’t fall off in the frost.


  1. Glad to be of help with identifying the bush-cricket. Yours is a beauty!

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