Posted by: kathandroger | October 3, 2016

Death of a tree.

The old thing had been hanging on for the last couple of years, and I had lopped off a couple of dead boughs, but now our senior cherry tree has finally left this life. I don’t know how old she was, or what killed her, old age I guess, but she was certainly in full production when we came to La Belardiere. I remember thinking how good life was when cutting the lawn on the old mower (before I blew it up that is), and gently reaching up and  picking off a handful of lovely ripe cherries to keep me going. Cutting the lawn on a sunny day, picking off fruit whilst working, and not even having to get off the machine, life was wonderful. But all good things come to an end. We have lost several of our animals over the years, and to my surprise I feel just as sad about this old bit of dead wood.img_3552 I have never wanted to hug a tree, and don’t talk to them much, unlike talking to some of our pretty flowers and telling them how lovely they are. The difference with a big old tree though is what to do with it now? I thought of cutting the trunk horizontally and making a table on top of it as the position in the orchard catches the last of the sunshine, but few of our guests sit down much and I don’t think it will be used. But then the obvious answer popped into the ageing cerebrum-one of the main branches can be preserved and used to mount a basket ball hoop. It is in the games area, between the croquet pitch and the badminton, and will keep the players away from the houses. Once I have finished repairing that bloody wall in the background-only about another 100 metres to go, I will get to work with the chain saw. And unlike the dead animals, the old cherry will still be good for heating us in the house in woodburners. Luckily we have another five cherry trees so if the frost does not do its damage next spring I may even be able to circulate on the new mower and pick cherries off the younger trees. Farewell old friend, life goes on.

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