Posted by: kathandroger | September 26, 2016

The laughing fish.

The lovely weather continues, and our very busy part of the season is over. Time for a day out. The wife is still largely out of commission with her broken arm, but that means she cannot drive her little 2CV and the chauffeur has to take over. I just love that little car. The engine is smaller than my lawn mower engine, it was designed in the 1930’s and driving it is a bit like floating along the road on a comfortable but noisy and windy sofa. The canvas roof fully unfurls and in the full autumn sunshine we made our way to the Brenne, our local wildlife waterland, and a national treasure. At this time of the year it is almost deserted; the French finish everything as the school term restarts, even though the weather may be glorious. The only visitors to the lakeside resort at Bellbouche were a company of less than normal left over hippies being taught to waft their ageing bodies around by a red silk clad would be monk with a magnificent beard. I guess they were happy in their own meditative world, but I felt they would do much better if they shifted their bums and got out to see a bit of the surrounding nature. We did. A brisk walk around the lake led by my one armed spouse was followed by a lovely lunch of eel and ratatouille on some sort of crust, sitting outside and watching the birds on the water. We then visited a local nature park and later sat by the road watching the fish jump.img_0379Now what is it about fish? I have been a lifelong angler, and still have no idea what it is all about. A few days ago I fished the Claise with an expert angler. We caught nothing all day, and did not even see a fish. But today, in full sun, every few seconds the water was disturbed by jumping carp and roach, and each of them was looking at me and giving that fishy smile as if to say “you may have a human brain, but you can’t catch us!”.

Still on the food scene, we do love to lunch on Boulots (whelks) and langoustines. The difficulty for the one armed one is that the shellfish have to be winkled out with a probe, and that is not easy with one hand. But with a lot of practice new skills can be learned, and if proof is needed…..img_3551What a clever girl!

Winter is coming and the log pile had diminished. Off I was sent to saw down some of our trees in the wood. I enjoy logging, and once started it just seemed to inspire me to do more and more.fullsizerender I will have a rest now.

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