Posted by: kathandroger | September 18, 2016


I do not think it right to steal things. I am not a thief. But I do enjoy a bit of pilfering.Our neighbour opposite died over three years ago, and his house and outbuildings have been unoccupied since then. He was a sad drunkard who once had been a garage owner, and over the past several years had filled every square inch of his buildings with  car and motorbike parts. His ex-partner has been several times to do the initial removals of household items, and then a shady acquaintance has had all the keys and has removed, with the help of other shady gentlemen, all things of any worth. So there remains lots of rubbish that even the French have no use for, and the buildings will be sold at auction at some time in the future. Hence the recent pilfering, and my sense of innocence in the act because everything that is left is due for the local dump.What fun! I have lifted several old and rusty tools for use in my sculptures, and some old adverts from many years ago which I shall frame and put in our gites.I came across this old solid wood bowl, filled with nuts and bolts, cleaned it up and will use it for our walnuts.img_3548-2The old hammer may end up as a head in a sculpture, but it is in lovely condition so I may keep it in the workshop. The only trouble is that we have so much junk ourselves that there is not much room for any more!

The weather has changed at last and we have had some much needed rain. It may even save the local grape crop according to a local producer we met yesterday in Loches. And the tomatoes just get bigger and bigger!


Dennis the cat owns our house. He bosses the dog around and is always the first in line for food. He is also very keen to have his own way.I was late returning from a rehearsal last night and the wife had ignored the feline demand for his supper. In a fit of pique, Dennis went upstairs to our bedroom, pooped profusely in the bath, and left dirty smelly footprints all the way downstairs. Her indoors was not amused. He has also taken a liking to drinking from a wineglass, much as we have. He refuses to touch the dogs water, and will only drink fresh water from the tap. It is a cats life!


The local river has never been so low, and this after the floods of early summer. We swam in this water a couple of months ago but now even the geese are struggling!img_3544


  1. Sod it, lad… that’s not even pilfering….
    The stuff is going to the tip….
    you are performing an act of reclamation….
    French-style triage….
    in Yorkshire, they reckon that at least 20% of what you dumped in the skip you hired….
    never leaves with the skip!
    The skip, however, may well contain at least 20%…
    if not more….
    of other peoples’ rubbish….
    probably the neighbours!!

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