Posted by: kathandroger | September 12, 2016

Autumn activities.

It is still hot. Over 30 today and no sign of rain.Our local river has never been so low and this after the floods of the springtime. Those fish have been very lucky in that I could not catch them in the high water and now I can’t find any water to catch them in! The last swallows have left the farmyard, always a sad day for me, and the final three fledglings only left the nest last week. But I did manage to count 71 on the telegraph wires a couple of weeks ago so breeding has gone well.

The invalid is making good progress, and she can now write with her left hand. Not so good at the ironing though, but is pleased to pose with the work her husband has to do!img_3541Actually I have to admit that ironing is not really the chore we are led to believe by the feminine fraternity (should that be sisterhood?). With a bit of nice music, benign thoughts and a gentle rhythm of movement it can even be a pleasure-apart from those bloody fitted sheets that is!  A full CD of classical music will see me through loads and loads of bed linen.img_3540An interesting feature of limb fractures is the slowed rate of growth in the affected nails of the limb. I had to cut Kath’s fingernails on her active hand whilst the other side is much shorter. Reading the medical reviews it is obvious that nobody really knows why, but says it is to do with altered blood circulation, whatever that means. My hair on top does not seem to grow very well nowadays, and I wonder whether it is because I have not been using my brain? All those elderly chaps with pony tails that I see in airports must be very intelligent.

The Rats season is upon us. Not the four legged kind, but the lovely Ratatouille that we put in the freezer for the winter. With huge tomatoes, courgettes, onions and our best aubergines, and other bits and pieces, the partner with two usable hands has made several trays of the stuff to sustain us in the cold of the coming months.img_3537The home brewed beer and the red wine are for inspiration and sustenance during kitchen duties.

We thanked our help for the big changeover last week by having a little drinks party for them and also invited our gite guests. A mixed bunch of French and English and lots of Pimms. The French have no idea about out favourite summer tipple but it all went well and it is strange how language ability improves in proportion to the amount of alcohol drunk!img_3536


  1. I know what you mean about ironing. I find it quite enjoyable myself, put the Archers omnibus on the iplayer, make a pot of tea and get on with it!
    And seeing all that lovely, fresh, clean and ironed stuff is very satisfying.

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