Posted by: kathandroger | August 23, 2016

Bicycles, Balloons and Boozing.

We have just had a lovely group of visitors. Happy, noisy and active. There are loads of things to do here for those interested, and bicycles were requested for ten! Cycling in this part of France is idyllic; not too many hills, lovely scenery and very little traffic, so the bike sheds had to be raided. Here is the result before the ride; all tyres pumped up, all lubricated and only the human motor required.IMG_3500Dennis the cat is not into exercise.

After the efforts of one day on two wheels, what better than a water fight in the orchard? I was amazed to see this new (to me) and ingenious way of filling balloons with water from the hosepipe.IMG_3495I think it is 50 balloons filled together, and with several different colours, the battle was soon underway. As often happens in good games, the children, for whom the kit was allegedly bought, were soon pushed back whilst the adults took over!

IMG_3497Each Sunday morning, we usually skip the club bike ride to go to the local market in Descartes. It is only a relatively small affair, with loads of tat and some decent food stalls, but it really functions as a social centre. Making the slow ascent up the hill to the butchers and cheese stalls, we usually meet lots of local friends all stopping for a chat. With the French it is all about how few medals they have won at the Olympics compared to us. and with the Brits about how the pound is falling after Brexit. But we all end up at the local bar, and the wrongs of the world are all sorted before going home for lunch. At this time of the year, sitting outside in the sun is a real delight, and it is hard to imagine the cold of February when we are sipping our vin chauds (mulled wine) inside. IMG_3508Grandsons Miller and Teddy are visiting at the moment, and we decided to see if they approved of the local brew.IMG_3509And that was only after one glass of Lager each!


  1. Vraiment COOL

    BiseS à vous deux

    Corinne, Landry

  2. Good use of old fashioned gripe water in the last pic!
    Our local Indian food store used to sell real gripe water…
    stronger than most lagers at 9% ABV!!

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