Posted by: kathandroger | July 31, 2016

Coat hangers and over tall tomatoes.

We are well equipped with coat hangers in our gites. This is apparently quite rare, and when guest Michael arrived several weeks ago, he brought a dozen of his own, made of thin metal. I told him how useful they were for bits and pieces other than hanging clothes, and as a farewell gift I was presented with them. In times gone by they were useful for radio aerials in cars after the local hooligans had ripped the standard ones off, and the bendy metal is good for hooking bits out of drains. They had hung unused in the workshop for some time, but now they are all employed in holding up our over tall tomatoes! This year the early summer was wet and cool, and we got the dreaded mildew on several of our 40 tomato plants. We pulled several out and took the lower, affected, leaves off all the others. The weather has since turned hot and dry and the plants have shot up, some to over two metres tall, higher than the supports. Answer? those ever useful hangers.IMG_3474They are stapled to the supports and hopefully will be able to hold the weight of our forthcoming crop.

We have had a lovely week with Kath’s family staying in our big gite, and another Yorkshire group in the smaller one. Sporting competition has been very keen, climaxed by a table football competition, finally won by Derby County, represented by David from that town, and Rebecca from Bradford. The event was filmed on Go Pro, and interviews from the finalists will soon be available. It was not all fevered activity though, and the new hammock swing has been well received.IMG_3477 We had one baby in the family group. Little Holly was admired by all, and I fear for the parents when the attention of this week will be necessarily reduced on her return to the UK. Here is the doting father and the even more doting grandfather.IMG_3466 Our lizards seem to be even more numerous this year. The ones that have still got their tails have been amusing the younger guests, and one has even taken to sunning itself on the stone model of the dogs head which I made a few years ago. What lovely little things they are. I am surprised that the French don’t eat them!IMG_3458The only problem with having people staying is that the week passes so quickly. It is August tomorrow and before we know it the summer will be over. Time flies when we’re having fun!


  1. Some of our early spuds were hit, but we’ve had a good crop even so… the Charlotte [organic] grew through it.
    Tomatoes are doing much the same here, but Pauline tops them out and lets a side shoot take over… they get bushy and require tying in… but are kept under control.
    We had a Sungold that topped nine feet… but that was in our greenhouse in Leeds… up…over…and then the difficult bit… trained downward… a house brick, some string and regular tying in did the trick… we were just shy of touching the soil on the other side….
    had a wondrous crop of little orange apero tomatoes, though!

  2. our charlottes are good and we await the pink fir apples!

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