Posted by: kathandroger | July 24, 2016

La Belardiere Oval.

IMG_3449 (1)We have lots of games at our gite. The grounds are large and safe, and children of all ages, including the adults, often join in. But this week we have had our first real game of cricket.Some guests from Yorkshire, father and four sons and partners, brought some stumps and in no time our orchard became the local bastion of our national game. We also had a lovely Dutch family staying, who had no idea about cricket, but who joined in nevertheless. The two young Dutch boys did not speak English, but understood about hitting the ball with the bat and loved every minute. Games went on until nightfall, and there seemed to be an expectation that floodlights would be installed for next year! There was some suggestion that the groundsman had not used the right roller on the pitch, but that did not prevent the ball being whacked into the neighbours field on several occasions. I will do better next year.

We have not seen many snakes this year. Usually in spring and early summer we see the very pretty large local grass snakes, and have even watched them mating, when their dance is a joy to watch and they take little notice of onlookers. This poor chap is one of the less coloured grass snakes and he had been run over just outside out house. IMG_3445 (1)I don’t think snakes here cause any problem; there is the odd viper about but I have never heard on anyone being bitten. They do no harm and are often, sadly, maligned.

The Tour de France has all but finished and Chris Froome has won easily. Hats off to him and his team who have completely dominated the race for the third time. But, hard to believe, it is a Frenchman who has come second. To listed to the news on French radio this morning it is easy to think that he won the race himself instead of being well beaten. Little mention of Froome, who is one of the worlds outstanding athletes, but all about Romain Bardet. Still the French need some cheer and it is their race after all, so good luck to them, and they may even have a winner at some time in the future.


  1. Chapeau, Chris Froome and his Sky team. It just goes to show that in many of its forms competitive cycling is a ‘team game’. I don’t know what we’ll do next week when we won’t be able to stop for our afternoon cuppa to watch the last half an hour or so of the race!
    When our children were younger and we toured Europe with our caravan a pre requisite for a site would be a space large enough to get the cricket stumps out. It was amazing how quickly you got to know the children of other campers. I drew the line at getting my scorer’s pencil case out complete with coloured pens and a pair of binoculars!!

  2. We will have to buy some stumps and a bat I guess, but Decathlon don’t seem to have much cricket equipment!

  3. You can get your stumps and a bat [cricket…you’ve got the others] on Amazon!!
    I can’t enlarge the snake picture… but it is missing the black and yellow at the neck… I think it might be a close relative, the Coulevre Viperine?

  4. you are quite right Tim, I have some head photos for identificatiion.

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