Posted by: kathandroger | July 11, 2016


The hot weather has finally arrived. Gone is the misery of last week and we have been basking in temperatures around 30 degrees. The pool has been well used and the rose wine is fast disappearing. So what have we outdoor types been doing?-watching the television!!

The Tour de France is well under way, and the best way to follow is on the box. But it passed within a few miles of us on Tuesday, and, like the rest of the local population, we took a picnic and chairs and camped by the roadside for several hours to watch the event. The cyclists pass in a matter of a few seconds, but they are preceded by the “Caravan”, which consists of various vehicles adorned with giant models, vans selling paraphernalia, and lots of girls singing songs and throwing bits and pieces to the crowd. All that lasts for about half an hour and then it is at least an hour before the bikes arrive, so the picnic then begins. After all that we pack everything up and go home to watch the finish on TV. A wonderful event. We were even inspired to pull the old tandem out of the store and have a quick bash up the local hill.IMG_3434My motor in the back seat was in good form, and she pushed me up with no problem.

Another event on the tele has been the European Football Championship. Pathetic England were shoved out early on, but France were in the final, and we really hoped for a host country win-it was needed here to raise the French morale. Alas it was not to be, and the radio this morning spent over half an hour of the news explaining what went wrong; the rest of the world news did not feature. They will get over it eventually I guess. And then there was the Tennis at Wimbledon and Andy Murray in the final. I don’t really like tennis that much, too much grunting and shouting, and that is only the women. But he won, and with the Brits taking lots of wins in the Tour, it has not been a bad time for the UK in sport-and we certainly need a morale boost as well. The post Brexit shenanigans have been shameful.

But on a much lighter note, son Tom and wife Anke are here from their home in Germany. Their first child Lucy is just over a year old and toddling about with the chickens and trying to talk to them, but in which language it is difficult to tell.IMG_3432Hopefully she will learn both languages together. There is something wonderful and humbling about talking to a truly bilingual child, time will tell.

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