Posted by: kathandroger | July 3, 2016

Brittany and the Beast.

For me, the best time of the year has ended. It begins when the swallows arrive in March, and it ends with the longest day in June. The local harvest has just begun, and soon the fields will be emptied of their crops and ploughed for replanting. The freshness of the new year gives way to the dust and heat of the summer; all the roadside flowers have been mown away by the local council workers, and the cuckoo has fallen silent. No more lovely orchids for another year, and hopefully the grass will now reduce its relentless growth. The summer bushes are now in flower, so the butterflies will hopefully be more in evidence, and we are have today had the first raspberries from the garden.

Our season in the gites is in full swing now, with a full house of Irish this week, and lots of kids around and having fun in the grounds.The summer will, no doubt, pass in a matter of what seems like days. We did manage to get away for three days last week however. I had never seen Brittany, and we took advantage of a present of a couple of days in a hotel given to Kath from her French students after our visit to London last year. Pretty place, lousy weather! It took the better part of five hours to motor to near Concarneau, most of it in fine drizzle, and almost as long, it seemed, to find the hotel. We did have a nice sea swim, wearing wetsuits, the following morning, and a walk in the dry along the cliffs, but other than that we saw Quimper and a few other towns in the rain. It is very like Cornwall in the UK, but less crowded and with better beaches. Some French friends have a cottage further south in the province, and we spent one day with them on our way home, visiting a wonderful village given over entirely to arts and crafts. I gained some inspiration for further projects!

I have finally finished the Beast. It is a copy of a very ancient statue I saw in Sydney with my daughter a couple of years ago, and I have no idea where it comes from or what it was for!

IMG_3426Anyway it now adds to the various collections of sculpture in scrap metal in our courtyard, and will serve as a seat. It is made of a lightweight concrete mixture which includes peat and vermiculite and is build up over a welded iron frame covered with chicken wire and filled with polystyrene. Even so, it took two of us to lift it! The head has a nice feel to it when sitting on the thing, and I hope to spend many relaxing moments with a glass of wine stroking him gently. I don’t think I can be arrested for that.





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