Posted by: kathandroger | June 24, 2016


The wife got up at 6am today. That in itself is highly unusual, but she is very interested in politics and it was to find out the result of the Brexit poll, revealed at 5am UK time. The message came back upstairs that we are out of the European Union. The Prime Minister has resigned, the money markets are in turmoil, Britain is totally divided, and the future for all looks very uncertain.The so called winners in the UK are celebrating wildly as if their whole lives are about to change for the better, but I bet they haven’t thought things through.

So what really will change, especially for us Brits abroad? Not much, at least to begin with. The sun will come up tomorrow, the birds will sing, and our flowers will still look lovely. We may be a bit poorer over the next year, but the clever wife had changed lots of UK cash into euros, so that will be OK. Our French friends will be teasing us relentlessly, but the right wing in France is also keen on leaving the EU, so what will happen in the future is anyone’s guess. Scotland will no doubt become independent and rejoin the union, and the border between Eire and Northern Ireland may be dissolved. Who would have thought all that a possibility ten years ago? David Cameron has reassured us Brits abroad in the EU that no changes are envisaged, at least for a couple of years. It may be that we can take out dual nationality here, which will be fun, although I may have to improve my French language skills. We have become ensconced in this country and I do not want to leave. The prospect of returning to the UK, with its overcrowding, money grabbing mentality, poorer weather and general dissatisfaction with life holds no appeal.

Nationalism, and Religion, are questionable emotions. I very well remember a medical student we had  in Dorset, and who is now an eminent surgeon. His parents were a mixture of the Far East and Africa, and he had spent much of his life in the USA before coming the Britain to study. I asked him which nationality he felt he belonged to. His answer was that he belonged to none and to all; he was just a citizen of the world. Perhaps we should all feel that way. And the relentless disasters caused by our perverse religious beliefs still spoil the world news daily. This little political change in my mother country is really just a minor change to the world we live in, and I remain optimistic that life for us will continue to be good.


  1. One week after the event, with all the politcal shenanigans, things look even worse! Lies, lies and more lies, propped up with self interest and no real plan because they didn’t really want to win………loathsome Farage and bonkers Boris could well go down in history as the two most forgettable twerps that ever persuaded the great unwashed to believe them!
    Your words about the state of the UK, overcrowded, money grabbing, lousy weather and general dissatisfaction sums up exactly how we feel about the place. We couldn’t bear to ge there a minute longer than we had to, especially where we live, near Clay Cross, surrounded by the exact same kind of person that voted us into this mess. They were everywhere, crowing about ‘taking back control’ and ‘it’s been a long time coming’. The worst was the waitress in the pub who declared that it showed ‘the nobs down south we could beat them’. Good grief!
    Anyhow, life back here seems normal, except that we sadly lost our dog this week. But it’s great to be back.

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