Posted by: kathandroger | May 19, 2016

Wild Animals.

We had some lovely French guests over the long weekend, several families with young children. All went well, but on asking if they slept soundly the first night, there were lots of giggles and a story about a large wild animal in the gite. Apparently they had all been woken by lots of noise from the lounge below, scraping and banging, and it was with great trepidation that two of the men crept downstairs to confront the wild beasts, at about 2 IMG_3376am. All went quiet on their arrival, but as their confidence grew, various pieces of furniture were lifted, and evidence of the culprits emerged. It appears that the mice had climbed onto the sideboard, thrown the walnuts down and carried them into the next room to have a feast. They had even made a hole in the settee for a post prandial snooze.IMG_3378We thought the problem would be easy to solve. With Dennis the cat, our fearless mouse catcher on hand, he would make short work of a few mice. No chance. Having left him inside he managed to escape through an open window within minutes. The traps we have left have also failed, the cheese being pinched leaving the trap still set, and the walnut bait beautifully extricated without damage to the perpetrators. We even tied some bacon on last night, but that has been ignored completely. I may sit up all night tonight with the shotgun loaded.

The scared sheep episode has been solved. I have been cutting some paths through our little wood over the past days, and came across lots of holes in the soil, and tracks through the undergrowth.IMG_3382Although we have a sheep fence all around the property, some wild pigs have obviously been in and had a great time digging up roots and making a general mess. We watched a video of sangliers jumping wire fences on the internet, and despite their apparent lack of athleticism, they can easily traverse a sheep fence. It must have been the pigs that upset the sheep, and that caused the bleating that made the wife wake that made the husband wake and get up in the middle of the night. So it was not a false alarm, and the wife was, as usual, correct in her assessment. My sincere apologies to her. I am only glad that it was not the pigs in the gite!


  1. In the dead of night, mice do seem to make a racket. Your guests were very brave to get up and confront them!

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