Posted by: kathandroger | May 13, 2016

Cave sheep, bushes and bees.

It was almost midnight, and I was drifting into a lovely relaxing sleep. “Can you hear the sheep? they are making a terrible noise” No, I had not heard the sheep, but after being rudely awakened it was true, an unusual nocturnal bleating from behind the house. We had recently read about dogs killing some sheep locally, and our flock normally spend the night at the top of our hill, under the kiosk.”I’m going to have a look”, said the shepherdess, which meant me as well. In various inelegant garbs, we made our way outside with out torches, and eventually found the flock in our cave in the hillside. They sometimes use it during the daytime to keep out of the heat I guess, but we have never known them to spend the night there. No dogs, and no damage, only occasional loud bleating which, luckily, did not rouse the guests. We all fancy a change of location now and again, and maybe animals are the same; they were still there the next morning.IMG_3371Hercules, the ram, is usually the leader of the flock, but sometimes consults moins dix, the goat and second in command, about locations. It has been chilly and wet recently, and perhaps the cave is warmer and more comfortable than outside.

Our wisterias are in full bloom now, and it has been a good springtime for them. The bigger, which must be many many years old now, judging by the size of the trunk, is beautifulIMG_3372but nothing compared to out neighbours’ vine which climbs into his fir tree.IMG_3373The local name for wiseria is glycine. We had some lovely French guests last week, an elderly couple and their middle aged children, nine in all. The old man was a great talker, but poor walker, and loved to stand and chat, sometimes with the support of his more agile wife. He told me that is was OK to have a glycine by our piscine (swimming pool) but it was not OK to have piscine(pissing) in the glycine! His wife looked very disapproving of her husbands’ vulgarity, but he and I both thought it hilarious. I suspect it was not the first time he had met with wifely disapproval.

For my birthday last month our friend Alain, made me a bound collection of photos of our trip to the UK especially when my daughter and twin grandsons visited us. He is a great bee keeper, so I made him a little bee for the front door of his workshop, using old rusty nuts, some gutter supports and oil can tin. He looked pleased, but I note it has not yet been mounted on his door!3F9A6997 [627886541]


  1. Your neighbour’s wisteria is absolutely magnificent… I love melanges of plants like that….

  2. Sensible sheep!
    And beautiful wisteria.

  3. Since three weeks , the ‘bee’ was mounted near the door which permitted the acces at my workshop. Where it is , it coexists with real bees lapping the honey supers.

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