Posted by: kathandroger | May 8, 2016

Summer, Sport, Swifts and Strimming.

After the coldest Spring since our arrival summer seems to have arrived. The frosts that have pinched the potatoes and the fruit trees has hopefully left us now and the swimming pool has reached 25 degrees. To me summer is only in full flight when the swifts are here, and today they were wheeling around us at the market in Descartes, screaming like hooligans and seeming to tell us that we should be rejoicing in their presence. I do, and my cool beer was all the more enjoyable for it. But with the warmer weather all the bits and pieces in the garden seem to be growing like mad. The courgettes and squashes are all planted out, and the seedbed now full of various lovely vegetables. We will wait a few more days before planting out our several dozen tomato plants, as we have been caught out  with the late frosts before St de Glace which is in another weeks time. How does grass grow just fast enough so that it always needs cutting? The mowers are out twice a week now, and all the extra daylight of summer seems to be taken up keeping it under control. The strimmers have been out as well, trying to cut a path through our wood that the visitors can enjoy.

And summer means sport. The bike rides with the club have been going on all through the winter, and swimming in the local municipal pool is a weekly event, but the wife has recently performed her first Triathlon of the season. This sport hardly existed when I was a boy, but having done a few in the UK I have to say it is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. Alas the old knees now prevent any running for me, but the missus is only a young thing and still up to it. So yesterday it was off to St Cyr for a local event. Bloody cold it was in the morning, and the lake did not look too inviting.IMG_0299 (2)Despite that, about a couple of hundred brave souls took to the water to swim around the two buoys and back, then cycle twenty kilometres and finally run another five. I got a bit tired watching, but the dog went to sleep! She did very well, second in the veteran class, despite suffering from lack of training and a bad back, and even managed an almost smile at the finish.IMG_0288We have both done lots of different sports in the past, but Triathlon must be one of the best; there is a lovely atmosphere between competitors, there is a huge age range of participants, and the duration of the events ranges from a couple of hours to all day. It is common to see whole families competing and coming first or last is not the most important thing, the encouragement from the crowd for both is the same. Every village should have one!


  1. I take it the knee’s holding out well then, Kath?
    You certainly don’t look as though you were troubled… presuming that that pic was taken at the end.

  2. Yes Tim it was at the end, but she did struggle with a painful back and lack of training, and reckons she could have been ten minutes faster1

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