Posted by: kathandroger | April 24, 2016

Big New Table.

The Boss is keen on making improvements to our gites each year. I comply. One of the new requests this year was for a bigger table in the larger gite, so that when we have combined groups of up to sixteen people they can all eat together. Our original table was meant for eight people, but by bodging a melamine extension onto one end, and covering it all with a large tablecloth it served its purpose well enough. Looking at prices for a big table we would have to spend at least a thousand euros, so it was off the the local woodstore to make our own. I was a bit disappointed to find only building grade timber, but a chance visit to one of our French friends revealed that he had some industrial grade wood machining tools, and would be delighted to help me use them. The only problem was that his workshop was so clean! Not at all like my tip of a room in the barns, and not a speck of dust to be seen. I found some very straight bits of 3 metre timber in the local Welldom store, and dragged it all down to his house in the trailer. After only a half hour my rough sawn planks were smooth and of furniture grade, and his workshop looked like a thousand trees had been felled in it. But no, Roger, I don’t want you to help me clean it up, and so I departed feeling guilty but very pleased. The French really are so helpful.

A couple of days later, after crude joints were fashioned and lumps of wood hacked with chisels the base was made and felt pretty solid. But what to use as the eating surface? Then the brainwave: a couple of 3 metre kitchen worktops used side by side, giving a width of 130cms. The only problem with using heavy raw materials is that the result weighs a ton!IMG_3355 It looks OK, and the white varnish we have used gives a nice effect and will hopefully be visitor proof. Having tested the rigidity of the finished article I am confident that dancing on the table will be possible, and even the troop of the Folly Bergere could hold a rehearsal without disaster. I might even invite them over to test it.

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