Posted by: kathandroger | April 17, 2016

A Packaging Rant.

Is it a male thing? I have great difficulty in opening packages, especially things like cheese, and salad in those plastic containers. And how do little old ladies manage to open cereal packets when the inner part seems to be stuck with super glue? The only solution is to take bigger and bigger cutting tools to liberate the contents, and often they seem to spill onto the floor. And yes, I do use a sledgehammer to crack walnuts.

We do, however, have loads of things delivered to the house. Buying over the internet has become the normal way for us; goods are often much cheaper and arrive in a few days, delivered by one of several chaps who now know our house well. I did think our new barbecue had arrived in a rather flat package a few days ago, but the name on the outside was correct, so I duly signed and the chap was on his way. It is also a bit like Christmas when these presents arrive, especially when the wife has paid for them, and getting out the heavy tools to gain entry is really quite exciting. But the barbecue turned out to be a heavy white radiator! Not our error in any way, but what a business to sort it out. There was a demand for a photo of the bar code to be sent back, and then a new barbecue would only be sent after the radiator had been received. Now, the trouble and strife is at her best in these times of difficulty. Several phone calls and multiple complaining emails resulted in an amelioration of the terms, and a new stove will be received soon. She speaks complaining French very well!

The next day, from the same firm, an even bigger delivery arrived. Some new garden furniture and a couple of kitchen worktops which are for making a huge kitchen table for our bigger gite.IMG_3352 (2)I am very excited about the garden suite, but it is so comfortable that an afternoon kip is going to be hard to avoid. We are not sure where to put it at the moment, in the sun or in the shade, but it is easy to move around so we will experiment. After completing the hour or so it took to extricate the contents, we were left with a huge amount of packaging, pallets, cardboard and lots of polythene.IMG_3353Even the dog was amazed. I will use the wood for something or other, and the cardboard will go to the dump, hopefully for recycling. The polythene will, no doubt, be put in a big hole eventually and contribute to our global pollution. It is so easy to have all these products sent to our homes, but what a waste of materials.


  1. Not a waste of packaging at all…except what’s in the box….
    the Euro pallet… excellent, strong base for all sorts of things…
    the other two pallets, as you say, will supply useful wood…especially the two beams on the long pallet….and the two sheets of MDF…rather than waste, for someone like you, think of it as a 40€ discount on the purchase!!
    And the “carton”… here, it would be used to light our boiler…there’s a couple of months worth there.
    Or, keep the biggest box, flattened… and turn it into a house or shop for visiting kids…don’t do anything but cut windows and a door…and cut the windows top and sides only…that way they can be folded to make a windowsill or a counter!
    Then, give the kids some of the huge blackboard chalks that the supermarchés sell…and let them do the design.
    Works a treat… absolute quiet [almost] for a few hours.
    Use chalks, because they can be brushed off!!

    • Actually, add the delivery/petrol cost to that 40€!!

  2. Lawn darts found!

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