Posted by: kathandroger | April 10, 2016

Flowers, Films, Trees and Birthdays.

I had another one recently. A Birthday. They seem to come around every few months nowadays, and why is that? I remember as a kid thinking how long the weeks were and that April would never arrive, now the time passes much too quickly. It was a nice day, though, the wife taking me out for a nice posh lunch after we had spent the morning handing out brochures for the local village attraction, Ethni Cite. We saw some chums in the afternoon, and in the evening, at dancing class, my health was toasted by all, and bisous (kisses) donated by all the ladies, and even by some of the men. I must be accepted as a local now because more and more males are kissing me and I am sure it is not due to my rapidly ageing attractivness. Funny how the French are keen on pressing cheeks together but shy away from a good old English hug. They also insist on asking how old you are, which I don’t really mind, but I was astonished to find I am as old as some of the other ancient prancers.And it will only get worse!

I am not a good plant gardener. We love plants and pretty flowers, and keep the tender ones in the gites during the winter to protect them from the frost. Kath waters them sparingly, but our lovely camellia seems to drop its flowers each year even so.IMG_3347And we put the clivias out too early and they have been nipped by the recent frosts.IMG_3349The tough old cactus doesn’t seem to mind however.

One thing we haven’t managed to damage is the crop of Acacia (Robinia) trees in our field. They are self seeded from the wood, and grow rapidly. The problem was that they began to interfere with the view from the top of the field and a couple of years ago I cut all the tops off. They have now all regrown very vigorously, and another lopping has provided me with lots of good stakes for the tomato crop, and one very painful splinter from the dangerous spikes they produce. A bit of self surgery with a needle cured the injury. There is nothing nicer than being in the field messing about with bits of wood and listening to the birdsong.IMG_3344

We were delighted recently to receive an invitation to a Film Premiere. This was from one of the local wine producers who has obviously got some chums in the film industry. Some of our friends and indeed  ourselves, have bought lots of wine from the producer and we must have come up on his books as a worthwhile investment. Actually, it was not down to us at all, but thanks Jo and Ian who spent lots, and gave in our name! We were well fed and wined before the showing, and the producer and director, with a couple of the actors, answered question afterwards. The film is due to be released in France soon, and is called the “Vendeur”(Salesman). Very French, with lots of cigarette smoke and sullen expressions, and filmed locally. I did understand bits of it -the wife filled me in on the other bits- and it  really was enjoyable, especially when the car in the film was pulling out of the car park, driven by the producer, when we left.


  1. Did you see it in Preuilly? We were there but didn’t see you! We enjoyed it too. Missed the car though — damn. That’ll be because we didn’t stay for the drinks. The question and answer session at the end was fun. The director’s father standing up and saying how proud he was of his son was lovely. Blog post from us about it to come. We saw them filming the scene in the cemetery at Preuilly last year.

  2. Susan, we saw the film in Chatellerault, and the questions at the end were cut short in order for the producer and cast to reach Preuilly! He was parked just in front of us and sped off in your direction in the old BMW. Glad you had a good evening as well as us.

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