Posted by: kathandroger | April 2, 2016

Another season starts.

April is upon us, the cuckoo, redstarts and swallows are here, and we are waiting for our first guests of the season today. Yesterday was April’s Fool day and in France the same games apply except that it is called “Poisson D’Avril”. I don’t know where the fish comes into it except that the standard joke is to stick a paper fish onto someone’s back without them knowing. The wife did her two teaching sessions yesterday, and found this fish when she came home!IMG_3343It was stuck onto her back by some selotape, and we know who did it because of the very poor English. We had fish and chips as our last meal with the French party in England!

Each year we try to add some new games for our clients to play. This year we decided that chess was missing. It is easy to run about on the badminton court, or even to play table football, but we reckoned that some people may want to use their brains as well as their muscles. Kath bought a cheap garden chess kit, I made a table out of old bits of packaging and wall supports, and voila! The problem was that the pieces were much too light and the slightest breath of wind would have ruined the game, so we spent the afternoon drilling holes in the bottom of the chessmen and filling them with ballast. Initially I had intended using sand, but it is all wet and sticky at the moment and would not go down the funnel inserted into the nether regions. The wife suggested sugar, which we started with, but supplies ran out and we had to resort to rice. The incontinent lower parts of the pieces were then made good with sticky tape. IMG_3339I hope out guests appreciate the efforts made for their amusement. Incidentally it is interesting that the mess made above was immediately forgiven as we were working as a team. I am not sure I would have had the same response working singlehanded! I knew there was something wrong when we assembled the game-one white pawn is missing!IMG_3340 (2)However, I am sure an old milk bottle will suffice as a substitute pawn, and look forward to the first tournament. So the old overgrown area at the rear of my workshop is now a completed games area, with table tennis, table football, chess and boules. We might even have a game ourselves!IMG_3341 (2)Come on sun, the holiday season has begun.



  1. Looks good. Maybe you could try something like they have in Montrésor: Fun and Games

  2. Would you like a set of Garden Darts…
    we bought them moons ago, with the intention of allowing our future guests to have fun with them.
    As such things are now “out the window”…
    they sit boxed and unused.
    You have three rings as targets, placed upon the turf and lob said darts at the “target”…
    if you always make sure that the targets are placed on the mossiest areas…
    your guests will unwittingly aerate your lawn for you!!

    • Great, thanks Tim. I will get my old kitcar going and come over one day if I may-I’ll give you a call.

      • Don’t hurry Roger… I am having a bit of difficulty locating the box they are in…
        we moved a lot of stuff up into the grenier…
        I thought the relevant box was still in our old bedroom in the longère, but it isn’t…so it must be upstairs in the stack nearest the door..
        I’ll email you when I have found it…

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