Posted by: kathandroger | March 12, 2016

Farewell Clover.

It was a lovely morning, fresh and sunny. A robin was singing nearby and a family of jays flew overhead. The buzzard was mewing above our wood. But there she lay, dead. Our treatments has all been in vain, and our sheep Clover had succumbed. Her one remaining lamb was at her side looking bewildered and lost, and still trying in vain to find some milk.IMG_3317

We had expected this outcome over the past couple of days. She did not eat anything yesterday and drank very little water. Her breathing had become more rapid and shallow, but she showed no signs of distress; that was left to Lucky, her offspring. In the past I have always accused sheep of wanting to lay down and die, and certainly this one did as others in the past have done, and just seemed to turn her face to the wall. She was five years old and had given us two sets of twins and two singletons, and until this year all had gone well. Such are the trials of keeping animals, especially sheep. We tend to think of them as being woolly bundles of contentment producing bouncing lambs each spring, and needing little care. Often that is true, and they keep the grass down as well, but when problems do arise they are often difficult. Clover was a very placid sheep, would be fed by hand and was easily caught for my inexpert shearing. She was an excellent mother and raised her offspring each year without any help from us.Her present lamb is over two months old, and although she was still trying to suckle, was feeding on grass and hard food; she will be OK.

I dug a big hole at the foot of our wood and dragged the poor old girl into it. Her lamb protested loudly at first, but then went off and joined the triplets. It was a sad and inelegantIMG_3321 moment with a poor dumb animal, but I tried to make sure her grave was re-turfed tidily. I have buried her next to one of the young walnut trees, and that tree will now be known as “Clovers’ Walnut.


  1. Sad to lose such a nice animal.

  2. I think that that is a nice place to rest… and she will, of course, be part of all the walnuts you harvest from that tree…. RIP Clover.

  3. Such a shame. I hope she didn’t suffer too much, rather that she just faded away.

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