Posted by: kathandroger | March 8, 2016

Spinach to save a sickly sheep.

All was going quite well. The triplet lambs are thriving and Rosemary, the mother is in top condition. But Clover, the sheep I had to help with her tragic lambing had gradually gone downhill. After pulling her insides about I thought we may have some problems, but after a small dose of antibiotic all initially seemed well, and she had no discharge or other bad signs. Her lamb, Lucky, has thrived and is by far the largest of our four young ones, but she herself has gradually lost condition and moves very little and eats even less. Kath, ever the pessimist, has written her off several times but she is still with us.In Dorset I reckoned that once a sheep was ill the best thing to do was to dig a big hole, but this time I am still hopeful she will survive. Only once did I retrieve a sick lamb before, and that was after feeding her lots of spinach! Luckily we do have lots of spinach, and blette, which is very similar, still in the garden, so treatment started yesterday. To be fair I have also added some ciprofloxacin, and antibiotic which we had for gut problems in India. She was not too keen on the crushed pills in bread,but Lucky helped her out.IMG_3314

The difficulty in feeding all the sheep in the same field is that once the others have finished their own grub elsewhere, they all appear around Clover to finish off all she has left.IMG_3316

She did manage a bit of spinach, and I will try again later today. Where there is life there is hope.


  1. How is Clover… we are all expecting daily bulletins!!

    • exactly the same I am afraid, she ate some bread today but has not moved much, and I think her milk has dried up. We cant get her to take any antibiotic so are just feeding spinach and keeping fingers crossed!

      • That’s sad news…

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