Posted by: kathandroger | March 3, 2016

The Arse end of the Year.

I always reckon that March is the start of the spring in France. Not yet it isn’t. Cold and rainy and only a few violets and one cowslip in the orchard. The triplet lambs are thriving, but Clover, who had the traumatic birth, is deciding whether or not to stay on this earth. The garden in still producing well, and as usual we have left the root crops in the soil and they are still good. Kath has been making some wonderful soups.IMG_3309

But what to do when all is wet and windy outside? I have started to write a book, hopefully amusing, about past medical exploits. About 80,000 words are needed, and so far 17,000 are in print-maybe I’ll finish next year. I have also joined a new theatre group locally and am due to play a Brothel Keeper with a strange accent. The latter is no problem, but understanding the play is! The gites are in reasonable condition, but there remains a bit of tarting up to do and one huge table to make for the big kitchen. In the workshop the latest sculpture, in hypertufa has begun. It is a mythical lion like figure which will make a seat for the courtyard, but it needs a complicated metal framework and welding has been limited recently as the electricity tariff and the moment is too high!IMG_3311

The biggest task, though, is our perimeter wall. Built of tuffeau stone and mud, it was covered with lime rendering which is now all falling off. The neighbour’s big walnut tree was pushing it down, but he has allowed me to fell the thing and kill the roots. I don’t mind mixing tons of mortar, but when the bloody stuff refuses to stick to the wall and falls in piles around my boots I do not usually sing songs of delight. The French method of slinging the stuff on from the trowel is OK, but bits seem to fly off into my eyes and down my trousers. I always soak the wall, and have added some latex to the mix, so maybe today will be more successful. Only about another 200 metres to go!IMG_3310

Sitting down writing this in the warmth is so much nicer than doing the wall. I wish I had lots more to write about, but it is time to get the backside in gear and attack the arse end of the year!

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