Posted by: kathandroger | February 24, 2016

Auroville-the City of Dawn.

The Jet lag has all gone now. It’s a funny old thing, feeling unable to stay awake in the evenings, and feeling a bit detached from reality. The weather here has been a real pain as well, cold and drizzly, and none of the outside tasks for our new season have been possible. Our wonderful trip to India is still fresh in our minds, and one of the most intriguing places we visited was Auroville.

It was conceived half a century ago by an Indian Seer (I think that means a wise man who meditates a lot) and a French born Jewish lady who had visions all through her childhood, married several chaps and eventually became ensconced in the Indian meditation scene. She was known as “the Mother”, set up her own ashram (a place to relax, rest and rejuvenate ), and eventually inspired the new township. The worthy aims of the place are to aspire to a higher life, for people from all countries and creeds, to seek progressive harmony and to be devoid of religion and politics. Over the past 50 years the village has grown to accommodate over 2,000 people from over 50 countries and aims for a capacity of 50,000. The site in Tamil Nadu, has been planted with over a million trees, has its own building facility and is largely self funding. Visiting is easy, but the tourist trail there is away from most of the constituent villages. The area is lush and warm and the atmosphere very relaxed, if a little strange.

At the centre of the town is a golf ball like construction called the Matrimandir. This large and very flashy construction houses a white marble hall and a crystal ball, where all is silence and meditation enables one to find the inner soul. It must have cost thousands!DSCN0524I am not sure about all this. To live in harmony, in a self sufficient society sounds very attractive, but a bit compressed one with another. No religion sounds good too, but this inner soul and meditation thing comes a bit close to religion in my view. To be a little cog in this expanding machine may feel good for some, but I would rather not be in a machine and be able to choose my own way.

Incidentally I did notice that among the societies that exist in Auroville there were 243 self help groups!! That must mean something.

I shall continue to enjoy being in the drizzle in the French countryside.


  1. 243 groups for 2000 souls from 50 countries….
    they’ll have to have an office block specially built….
    but, when they get near the 10,000 mark….
    and a self-help Mall will be needed for the 50,000…..

    • Tim and Pauline, I meant to say that we have had siskins in the garden for the first time since we arrived. Only a few, but aren’t they cocky little things-seeing off out tits with no problems at all!

      • They are a right group of troublemakers, and no mistake… but they are charmers and fun to watch! We got the Tawny Owl on video and the Water Vole!!!
        Nice proof in both cases….

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