Posted by: kathandroger | February 18, 2016

Brain in Neutral.

I flew back from Australia a couple of days ago. The journey took about 33 hours door to door, with about 22 hours in the airplane. And it was not a problem. There is something about long journeys that I find very relaxing, and the only time when one is captive and unable to do anything remotely useful. So eating, reading, watching countless films and sleeping become the daily task. No need to go and check the livestock (the new triplet lambs are doing very well) or even stoke the fire. No need to walk the dog or clean out the chickens or dig the vegetables for supper. Travelling cattle class is now quite comfortable, the food is frequent and edible, and how do those trolley dollies on the flight remain so calm and smiley? So lay back, enjoy the ride and reflect on those joys of the holiday.

And it was a real joy. The family in Sydney in their new house are well ensconced in the hurly burly of antipodean suburban life, with my three energetic granddaughters to keep reminding me of how old I am becoming. They are just redecorating the building and it reminds me of all those years ago when we did the same thing in Dorset. Time flies. We spent some time on the boat, some in the swimming pools, and some walking the puppy in the many well designed local parks. It was also a time to see old friends and discuss our relative ailments. Funny how times change; many years ago it would have been stories about the latest girlfriends or football matches, now it is how the old articulations are holding up!

More than three weeks away and two completely different holidays. Coming from 33 degrees in Oz to 3 degrees in Paris. Seeing two diametrically opposite societies, and reflecting on the merits of both of them. The world is a small place nowadays.On reflection we saw three different societies, as I had to spend 14 hours in Dubai on the outward route to Oz and took the opportunity to explore that magnificent city. I was first there in the early 70’s, when it was a bunch of small building, a big Suk, and little else. What a change! Money money everywhere, and nobody walks any more. I made my way out of the airport to walk to the city, and although there was a footpath along the road, it was obvious that I was the only mad person walking it. Taxis kept stopping and would not believe that I really did want to travel on foot! The weather was comfortable, the sun shining and I was quite happy strolling along admiring the countless huge buildings which have sprung up over the last decades.

Back in France it is cold today we have sleet and snow. Spring may be next month, but there is no sign of it at the moment. Still, we can’t appreciate the good weather without having the bad, and the sun may come out tomorrow. This holiday has been a real insight into different communities and ways of life, and when I next start to whinge about lack of anything I shall think of the days gone by.DSCN0576

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