Posted by: kathandroger | January 31, 2016

Letter from India

Noisy,dirty,crowded,filthy,crazy driving,hot and sweaty. And we love it!

After the calm of France, our arrival here could not have been more contrasting. The piles of litter all over, and the density of the population were astounding. The driving seemed, at first, completely random, but after a couple of days we have come to realize that to even survive on these roads a lot of driving talent is needed. We are crossing the country, from east to west, on bicycles, and have had to learn fast! The towns are packed with a cacophony of sounds, mainly the hooters of the thousands of motorbikes and three wheeled taxis. Bikes are now in the minority, but still tolerated, and none of our party has been demolished so far. At the end of each day we are plastered with dust, but always well fuelled by the excellent curries we have been fed. Accommodation has been in a variety of hotels and old mansions, many showing the signs of decay, but all with smiling and helpful staff. After a steep climb yesterday we are now in the Western Gats, and have this morning changed the bikes for a short ride on an elephant. Kath was keen to wash the animal afterwards, but got a little more than she bargained for!imageI could already fill a book about this wonderful country, but the most enjoyable things so far have been the cheers from the roadside children we have passed, and the incredible variety of animals roaming freely all over the place. This afternoon is for a special local massage, and I am a bit nervous about what to expect!

To other matters. We learned yesterday that Rosemary has given birth at last. She has always had single lambs in the past, but this time has produced three! We await further news from our neighbours, but sheep can normally only count to one so I will be surprised if they all survive. Fingers crossed.

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