Posted by: kathandroger | January 22, 2016

When will she pop?

Good news. Clover and her lamb are both doing well, even after being pulled about by yours truly. I was worried that she would have an infection of the womb, but after a week she is eating like a horse and bleating like a sheep, and enabling her lamb to expand rapidly. The latter has been named Lucky after her difficult entry into the world, but maybe her mother should be called by the same name. However, we are still waiting for the other sheep to produce. Rosemary is a severely ugly sheep who produces similarly ugly lambs. Last year it was Stephen, who, despite his early appearance, transformed into a good looking young man. But she is keeping us waiting. Kath reckoned she could see some kicking yesterday, and her mammary apparatus is ready and waiting.(yes I do mean the sheep and not Kath’s) . We are off on holiday tomorrow, and I reckon she is messing us about just because I called her an ugly old thing. (again the sheep, not the missus). Her rear end looks ready, but she is still eating with the rest of the flock.IMG_3307The sheep on the left will not produce this year because that is Hercules, the ram, and Clover has already done her bit. How many in there? We are lucky to have our farmer neighbours to help, and look forward to the news in the next few days.

We took Boudie, our dear old bitch, to our friends to be looked after this afternoon. Kath worries that she will miss us, but I think as long as there is enough food and their young dog is not too boisterous, then she will be fine. I think I will come back to this world as a tubby, contented old dog, meandering between the love of various homes, with plenty of food and not being bothered too much with the responsibilities of life!

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