Posted by: kathandroger | January 11, 2016

The Weather Station and lazy Sundays

What do you buy for a chap who has everything? It was no problem for the wife this Christmas; a weather station was the obvious answer. No more need to look out to see if it is raining, the machine tells me. No more need to guess the wind speed, it is all on the display. What a clever bit of kit. The only problem was that it needed to be mounted somewhere outside where the trees would not interfere with the readings. After several ponderings, the obvious answer was on  a telegraph pole just outside our property. Yes I do realize it is probably illegal, but this is France, and if a law is a bit daft, then everybody just ignores it. So after fashioning a bracket I ascended gingerly up the old and tremoring pole on an extendable ladder. My days of gymnastic excellence are a thing of the past, and having to hold the station in one hand and hang on for dear life with the other hand made for an exciting afternoon. The wind seem to support the idea that I should not be breaking the law, and continued to try and shake me off the wobbly pole with unexpected gusts of great force. Finally at the top I realized I had forgotten the nuts and bolts. Poo. Down again and up again and then the dawning that to fix nuts and bolts needs two hands. Having to hold on to the pole with one hand and the station with the other left no hands, let alone another two! Down again and up again with a spring clamp to replace one hand, and then, risking severe personal injury, balancing on the ladder, the bolts were fixed. I developed a shake in one leg at one point and had to rapidly evaluate the chances of a fall before the nuts engaged. Luckily the calculation was correct. IMG_3292So now we have our own Belardiere weather station. The only problem so far is that I had some problems with the alarms on the machine. Initially it was kept in our bedroom, but, after a late night on Saturday, her indoors was not amused when the wind alarm (no, not from yours truly) went off at 1.30 am and again at 2 am ,when I removed the batteries!

I like Sundays. After a few beers at the local market with friends in the mornings, and then a light lunch, the afternoon if for absolutely anything. Often that will mean a bike ride, but the weather is so bad since the weather station has arrived, that I decided to do nothing but watch the rugby on the tele. Before that a light snooze to eliminate the beer before the wine of the evening. I was joined in this effort by the dog and cat who both decided an afternoon of leisure was in order.IMG_3290I do have a sense of guilt having done nothing, so this week will be one of intense activity!


  1. Nice… but, you’ll soon be back up there to fix the rain gauge….
    you will need to put a little rectangle of mesh under its drain opening.
    This is to stop the spiders tying the rocker-arm up with their silk….
    and to stop the mason bees using one or both of the rocker-arm cups as nests.
    Also, mounted as high as yours, you will need to make a set of baffles to go underneath as well… this is to stop you getting readings for many inches of rain in very high winds… we’ve had to correct for 50+ centeimetres on more than one occasion…
    Finally, does yours download to the computer… if so, I can heartily recommend “Cumulus” by Sandaysoft…. it gives more information than the Easyweather software… including nice little summaries that you can do blog posts with!!
    and Happy, Wealthy and Healthy 2016 to you both.

    • Thanks for the advice, as always,Tim. Yes, we can connect to the computer and had planned to do local forecasts for our guests. I am not going up that pole again, so the old rain gauge on the lawn will provide backup. Thought you may be interested that my Giraffe in the garden has been colonised already by some bluetits, and one flew out of the eye this morning!

      All the Best to you both for 2016.


      Sent from Windows Mail

  2. and had planned to do local forecasts for our guests“….
    then certainly do download Cumulus… it comes up with an outlook for the day as you are downloading the info from the indoor unit.
    And, unless you have a solar unit, you will have to climb the pole again… in about a year… to change the batteries in the weather station itself….
    unless you splashed out for some lithium AA cells… they’d last five years.
    If yours is a solar charged unit, then Cumulus uses the rate of charge… which is recorded but not used by Easyweather… to give you yet more info about the weather.
    And all this has reminded me that Friday is “download day” so I will now connect the display to the computer and download this weeks readings.

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