Posted by: kathandroger | January 5, 2016

Back to Blighty.

Time flies. We left France for the UK nearly two weeks ago but it feels like a few days. As usual our annual trip back to the fatherland was to see family and spend New Year with friends, this time on the Yorkshire moors. The French are very keen on security of their properties, and we had long discussions on how best to insure and protect our house when we first arrived. It seems to me that when the property is empty it is at most risk from burglary, so what do we have to do?-advertise that we are away by closing all the shutters!IMG_3288With the modern battery driven power tools it would be very easy to enter any house, but I guess our insurance premiums are to recompense the losses. The animals didn’t care less about our departure. The cat has an automatic feeder, in fact he has two of them as he is automatically fed by our friends Steve and Sarah when they arrive for their Christmas holidays. The chickens, likewise, are independent for a couple of weeks as long as I fill their food hopper with grain and the automatic door opener continues to function. They looked pleased to see us go.IMG_3284The sheep and goat are OK in the field, although we did not have any lambs for our neighbours to look after this year. Both yews look ready to produce now and we are having twice daily checks. In Dorset I often had to help pull out lambs but these French girls seem to have it all worked out. The dog came with us.

But what about England? A lovely time was had seeing family and the new grandchildren, both the English twins and Lucy aged six months from Germany, then to Kaths folks in Yorkshire for a calm Christmas and finally to the coastal moors near Staithes for the New Year. The latter less calm. As usual too much alcohol, lots of lovely food, and fish and chips with bitter beer in the pubs. It was wet, windy, cold and sometimes foggy, and daylight seems to last for about three hours. The roads and coast were very crowded, but the beaches excellent for the dogs and for beach football. The wife even went into the sea on Boxing day, but the old man had to look after the dog and watch! She went a very blue colour.

Very pleased to be back now, and it is on with the endless jobs until our next holiday in a few weeks time!

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