Posted by: kathandroger | December 3, 2015

The grey days.

It’s that time of the year. We are into December now and the shortest day is not far away. Grey mornings, cold and damp. Total darkness when we get up and then only a slow dawning of winter days, often with a slow miserable drizzle of rain.IMG_3275 The dog doesn’t want to go out and the cat can’t wait to get back in. I don’t want to go out. The chickens huddle in sheltered corners and don’t run to me in delight if I give them some extra grub. They often moult at this time of the year just to make them look even more miserable, and mope about the orchard in despair. Even the sheep seem to be longing for brighter days, though that may be because one of them has gone into our freezer yesterday. The other lamb reckoned that was not too attractive an option for her and has shown some remarkable energy in not being caught in my sheep trap. More changes to the  trap are needed, but that means going out in the cold and damp again. At least I have got all the digging done in the veg patch, but we are both getting a bid bored with eating cauliflower everyday; we are now on to our Romanesque variety, but even they browning off and rotting at the edges, a bit like myself.

Why does this change in climate change our brains so? I haven’t got SAD (season affective disorder), but do admit to a real lethargy in the mornings. The news is rarely encouraging, and there are only so many articles to read on the computer. I hate feeling cold and made the mistake of having a short haircut this year-how those baldies must suffer! But get a grip RJ, shift your lazy bum and get out and do something useful. Wait a minute, the sun is coming out! It all looks very pretty out there now and there are jobs to be done. I shall whistle a happy tune and continue cutting lumps off the cherry tree; it’s so good to feel the warm rays of the gentle winter sun on my now bleached skin, and only a few months until springtime. Ignore all the above!


  1. Reminds me of a song from our yoof!
    “Hello Mother, hello Father… here I am at Camp Granada.”

    SAD to me means…
    Soup and Dumplings…
    just the thing to get rid of the leths…
    A slow cooked hunk of beef… carrots, parsnips, celery or celeriac and herbs… four large spuds, scrubbed…
    lots and lots of oniony, beery stock…
    and suet dumplings.

    Serve a bowl of stock with a dumpling… and fresh baguette…
    Serve the meat with the veg and potato… with some fresh cooked cabbage…
    finish with a chocolate sponge pudding and chocolate custard….
    relax in front of open fire… with an Islay malt and a Duvel chaser!


    • Took your advice last night, Tim, but have only just woken up!

      • An (ie: one) Islay malt and a Duvel chaser was what I wrote….
        I was refering to a 33cl bottle of the latter….
        not a 75cl bottle and work through the collection of Islay malts to accompany it!!#
        Hic, haec, hoc…. it’s too far to Hogmany… pour me another!

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