Posted by: kathandroger | November 10, 2015

The Orchid myth and last fruits.

Despite the Indian summer of the past week (temperatures into the low 20’s) our season has ended. The last clients have gone home, the gites are shut for the winter and the outdoor games have been stacked inside. The plants are still outside, with some still in full flower, but none as good as our orchids. We have lots of wild species locally, which I rather prefer, but have been given cultivated plants over the years. When I bought our first residence there was an orchid house in the garden, specially heated and with a controlled humidification system; all this was apparently required for such delicate plants. The greenhouse was falling down and I let it fall. Years later the plants must have changed enormously, because despite not having any expert care, ours are a constant joy, especially at this time of the year.IMG_3262The plant on the right was given to us well over two years ago and has never been out of flower; the large yellow one is kept outside and was one of a crowded pot given a year ago. The smaller in front consisted of two leaves initially, but has flowered this year for the first time. All are watered when we think of it, and occasionally I repot them, only adding a bit of leaf mould to the original mix. A French friend said we must have “green hands”-the equivalent of green fingers in UK!

The garden fruits have just about finished. We picked the last courgette and  strawberries but still have some figs remaining although they are small are barely ripe.IMG_3259

The hunting season has begun, and a friend bought this poor mallard for us a few days ago. It is now skinned and ready in the freezer along with a pheasant. Such pretty  birds, with wonderful waterproof feathers. I would have trouble in shooting them myself now, but still enjoy eating them.IMG_3261

Finally the latest project has been started in the workshop. Any guesses?IMG_3265

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