Posted by: kathandroger | November 4, 2015

The Reunion.

Many years ago I went to college. A naive and callow youth, well versed in the ways of South London, but unaware of any life beyond that. Afflicted with the local accent and unrefined dress sense I entered the more diverse environment of cultured learning. True, we had a telly at that time, and holidays had taken us to the coast locally, but one was less than worldly wise. The first problem with fellow students was to understand what they were saying; the mutual difficulty experienced with a colleague from Merthyr Tydfyll  was probably the worst, but gradually we began to understand one another. And there were girls there too! A strange experience for a boy from an all male grammar school, but one which was embraced emotionally and later physically. I doubt if student life has changed much since then, the new friends, new experiences together and sometimes even learning academic things. On reflection we did have to work hard; lots of exams and a full timetable of lectures. I even remember one of our midst having to leave a lecture because he wasn’t wearing a tie!

The five years passed too quickly, but, being a small group of about forty students we got to know each other well. Many studies were in small groups and digs were usually shared with differing housemates. Qualification came suddenly and we were then dispersed randomly all over the country. Careers differed, paths varied, and often communication was lost. After several years one enlightened classmate suggested we all met up for a reunion. The first problem was to make contact with everyone, but with the by then ever expanding computer aids the task was easier. And so it was that thirty years after qualification, the group first met up again. By then we were dispersed worldwide, and chums arrived from Australia, USA, and elsewhere. To be honest I can’t remember much about that one. The old student drinking tendency must have returned with a vengeance, but a booklet was produced which showed us all in our ageing bodies and gave details of careers to date. It is strange, that some of the class have become world experts in their fields and important people,but within our group we are still have the same relationships as when we were students, regaling each other with stories of wrongdoings.

Last weekend was spent in Stratford on Avon. It was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our first meeting. Bloody hell, where did that half century go? Lots of smiles and laughs, all the old groups sought each other out, missing friends were mourned, and various ailments compared. Grey hair was everywhere, there were lots of hearing aids, and artificial joints creaked enthusiastically, lubricated well by champagne. We can’t control the passage of time, we can’t control the fact that some of us leave the group, but the spirit of old friends will remain forever. I look forward to the sixtieth!


  1. You’re never in your seventies?
    Should you be allowed welding gear at your age??

    • No no no-2 years to go until that milestone!

      • You are doing well then…
        had you down for your late ’50s…
        must be the influence of Kath!!

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