Posted by: kathandroger | October 27, 2015

My old Love.

She may be getting on a bit. She may be not as smart as she once was. Bits fall off her now and again. But I still love her dearly. It must have been a visit last week to the local motor museum that rekindled my emotions, so I have duly learned how to clean her carburettors and yesterday gave her a run in the autumn sunshine. I lost interest a bit when she refused to start easily, due no doubt, to my lack of care of her, but after refitting the dashpots all is well. Even her horn is now in working order, and it was with a great joy that we spent yesterday afternoon crossing the autumnal colours of central France. Here she is, just exiting the overgrown garage showing the brilliant reds of our Parthenocissus Tricuspidata. The vine is better known as Boston Ivy, but I love to show off with the proper names!IMG_3248The old car celebrated her 50th birthday this year all alone with only the trailer as company, as she is not popular with either the wife or the dog, being too noisy, smelly, uncomfortable and she messes hairstyles. When purring along the country lanes she is  wonderful, but getting petrol is always a gamble as restarting the engine is always a chancy business. I always hope I am followed in the petrol queue by a band of strong men able to push start her again, but yesterday I was all alone and luckily she didn’t let me down. The regulations for testing old cars in France means that they only have to be certificated every five years, rather than the normal two, even though the mechanics are less reliable than new ones; there must be some logic somewhere there! Ancient cars like this are rare and loved in France, and it seems everybody waves and mutters mysterious Gallic words when we pass-possibly things like “what a noisy old wreck”. After a couple of hours we came home with only one front mudguard hanging off and the engine still purring energetically. Long may she continue.

It really was glorious weather yesterday. The start of day was dew laden, and pretty moist cobwebs were everywhere. It is strange that I can see them outside in nature but never when hoovering the gites! Our flapping heron was festooned with delicate webs, but didn’t seem to mind the encumbrance.IMG_3245


  1. Loved the lyrical & poetic nature of this post, top form. You should start the old car once a week, the old float chambers and needle valves don’t thrive on not turning over, you know how corrosive petrol is.

  2. Lovely… and a real bonnet, held down by straps!!
    Purr over this way!! Anytime….
    cars need to be used…

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