Posted by: kathandroger | October 22, 2015

The Smile.

My new twin grandsons came to stay this last weekend. Born six months ago, I last saw them as tiny ( they were seven weeks premature) squirming, screaming producers of effluent and regurgitations. What a wonderful change in a few months. The ins and outs of the digestive system are still the same, but now, in addition, at six months they have developed the invaluable talents of sight and smile. Instead of all demanding nappy fillers they now react to others and show signs of joy. The smile of an innocent infant must be one of the most wonderful things in life.IMG_3243And they sleep too! Before it seemed the house was full of unhappy,screaming souls demanding food or comfort all hours of the day and night, now they give us all such pleasure. I haven’t heard a giggle yet, but look forward to that soon. A smile costs nothing, is one of our earliest talents, and yet we so often neglect it. I wonder when it changes from an expression of joy to a social nicety? I have no doubt that in no time these boys will be wrecking my workshop and giving me a smile to excuse their misdemeanours; when does that change occur? I guess we all learn the power of a smile and how it can gain us an advantage, but initially it seems to be an involuntary expression of pure pleasure. I hope it stays that way with these two.


  1. There is some recent research that indicates that babies smile because they want to be smiled back at.

  2. The one in the dark blue and white-striped outfit seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the current James Bond…
    with your skills, you’ll make a pretty good M!!

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